Since answering my calling, I've almost lost it all. Am I the only one? How do I get through this? Please Help.

I finally decide to remove self, and let GOD direct my path in life. No sooner than I had expected, I lost my home, losing my car, and I just can't seem to work enough to keep the bills paid. I pray about it everyday, so don't get me wrong, I am not questioning GOD'S method. I am simply wondering if there is anyone else out there has dealt with something similar. If so, how in fact did you get through. I am sure most answers are going to be prayer. But that is expected. What happened before you got yourself together and prayed over your life. I am not looking for a way out, only for some comfort while traveling along this bumpy road. All reply post are appreciated and taking in good spirits. Please feel free to post your feeling and concerns as well. Hopefully this discussion will be a blessing to someone out there who may bo going through the same thing. Thanks in advance for taking time to read and reply. May GOD bless each and every one of you.

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Thank you my sister for that powerful encouragement i began to cry as i read what your saying i never seen it to be so bad and i am still standing my hope is God i have none else to do but trust him with my life i know the devil wants to destroy me but i will not give up i am determined to fight and give god his praise and speak to that mountain it is a comfort to know people truly care and that my problems has come to make me stronger for some thing greater but it hurts when you feel like your lousing and not winning but my lost is to gain just as yours is god has a even greater plan then we know when a shaking comes he will shake all that can be shakin until what remains is God because in the end he still gets the glory i love you my brother.
Peace and Blessings to you Tara. I read your testimony on one of the blogs and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing such a wonderful testimony. Through all that you have gone through, you are still able to encourage someone else and stand faithfully on God's promises! Let the Lord use you! I became sad and began to weep while I was reading what you went through and still have to face, but by the time I got to the end...I am SO FULL of JOY. JOY of the Lord, Joy for you, Joy for anyone who reads it. You have helped someone on this network. Be Blessed my Sister and continue to BE a blessing. Love you!
Kelton, my brother. You already know this is a test of Faith. Whom God calls, he qualifies and he won't put anymore on you than you can bare. YES, pray. After you pray, LEAVE the burdens at the altar. It is in our fleshly nature to be overly concerned and/or worried about possessions and financial woes. It's time to be spiritual Bro! Let go...and let God. Remember what you said Sunday morning in service? "It's a New SEASON"!
I have been exactly where you are, more than once (didn't get it the first couple of times around!!). Don't be concerned about what you're losing or have already lost. Be concerned about what you're gaining !! Matthew 6:32-34

32. (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.

33. But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

34. Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

Trials and Tribulations come to make us strong as well as to bring about a necessary change WITHIN us. PRAISE YOUR WAY THROUGH THE STORM!!!!!!!
Love ya and I will see you at Bible Study!
You are not the only one who felt that they were going backward. I am not going to say pray, because sometimes our prayer will turn into a complaint, however this is a time to meditate on the scriptures. I lost everything that I felt was dear including relationships, my freedom, my schooling, monies, my child (she looked for greener grass and less strictness she was 17). You name it I lost it, however I truly gained Christ and I understood that my strength came from Jesus not any of those things or people. I was put in a situation where I had no one but Him, and I came to depend on Him in such a way that I understood that He supplied my every need, not me. Everything that I have now came from Him. I understood Job and his commitment to the Lord. Because to the stripping I do not have the selfishness that i had regarding things, I have come to understand that it all belongs to Him, and most importantly that I belong to Him and that He will supply my every need and then He will also give me the desire of my heart when I trust Him.
There is a song by Daryl Coley called "He's Preparing Me" it helps so much, I cannot begin to tell you how Jesus has shown up in my life. He has done it in such ways that I know that it is Him and no one else. No one not even myself can get His glory.
I told you that I won't say pray, the reason for that is there are oft times we go to God in prayer and do all of the talking, yet,we fail to stay there and do our true part and that is to listen. The word tell us that He is a "very present help in the time of trouble", yet it also guides us that we are to "be still and know that He is God." It is in the stillness that the quiet voice become audible. You cannot hear a quiet voice in the midst of noise, chaos, and confusion, that is how you are feeling right now about the circumstances surrounding your life and style of life. So now is the time to learn to meditate and focus,
I am asking you to be like Peter when he walked on water and his total focus was on Jesus, when he took his eyes off of Jesus he sank. Then he cried out and they walked together back to the boat, he regained his focus after sinking. It was only by doing these things that gave me peace, I stopped focusing on the storm and started focusing on Jesus. My life has never been the same.
I speak peace to this situation and life to the dead bones. May you have a Blessed and Hearing Year!
I can fully appreciate what you are sharing. I gave up a job as senior executive in the financial industry in my own company to tend to the fllock of which i had just become the PAstor. Since then eight years ago, i have flowed in the anointing of the Lord. I have been involved in delivering countless persons from financial ruin, yet my own finances remain a challenge. My consolation is that the God who called me is still in control

The truth is that everytime that i am about to drown in my financial misery he sends me a life line. As a matter of fact as i write this reply my mortgage is behind for two months, i owe another two months to cover another debt at the bank. I think thnat they will call me anytime now.

My consolation is that God will provide. Keep trusting him, he will come through.

God bless you.
Brother I can relate,,and God is doing something on everyones behalf,,get ready
Doc I kind of know what you are going through. It seems the more we stay faithful to God the more trouble is in our path. I found myself in a position where I was homeless. A homeless preacher go figure. I was sleeping in my car, lost my family and my ministry was questioned. I was angry with God. But once I directed that towards God and told Him how I felt, He blessed me by letting me know that this is not about me. At one point in my life I wanted to throw in the towel, I felt as if God didn't call me. But I realize, my trouble doesn't dictate if I was called or not. It seems like it just validated it. Be cool and stay in prayer.
Brother if the truth be told I guess we all are one or two paychecks from being homeless,,but so was Jesus when his ministry started ,,I tell and taught that after he performed the 43 miralcles,,it never said that he went home,,,research it,,when his ministry started he slept wherever he could,,he said foxes have holes ,,birds have nest ,,,but the son of man has nowhere to rest his head ,,,,so I guess when we say we want to be like christ,,,,well,,,,,be blessed and get ready
i so understand what you are talking about. It has been very hard for me since i've answered my calling especially since i'm young. The way that i keep the faith and keep my head up throughout the day is daily worshiping listening to a song that encourages you. I also remember that christians are picked out to be picked on. I try to look at everything as if it is a test that i'm passing to the next level in god.
This is the training and testing. Through trial and tribulation, pain, & persecution,God is teaching us how not, only to pray (intercession) and how to engage in spiritual warefare, but also how to stand on his word. We have to know as soldiers in the kingdom of God " To therefore, endure hardness as a good soldier." This to shall pass." God is his word and it never returns to him void! I know it get's very ruff everyone is in a different trial with a different circumstance. Know that God has given us the authority over any circumstance. What helped me was laying myself before the alter in complete submission & humility and going before the throne of God with openess. Then I saw God's word transforming and transistioning my life quickly. - This to Shall Pass!! My prayers- Prophetess Lucretia Ryals
i want to encourage you my sister my mother had 4 kids and i watched how she struggled raising us kids but then she did not know jesus she went to the food pantries too. But one thing you must know your children are a blessing from the lord no one has any right to tell you that you have too many kids they are human beings that god desired he wanted to live and there has to be something so wonderful about you that he trusted their care to you. So my dear Speak to that mountain in front of you and tell it to go call in your blessings and help from the lord we all have our seasons of struggles but don't loose faith your right at the door.I don't know what church you attend but you should talk to your pastor and see if some how the church can help. I will keep you in my prayers and believe god with you for a job stay encouraged my sister he will bring you through and i am here if you ever need to talk or want prayer god bless.
bother i share in your testimony because i to went through hell and high water but he did bring me out and i want to encourage you to preach your way out the more you preach the more God will bless you not only preach to others but preach to yourself i often say the sermon is first preched to to preacher and God is only preparing you when you come out youll have a powerful word

Rev. obataye Powell


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