Whats your thoughts on being single in Ministry. Do you feel you recieve the same support from your staff and parishoners as males in Ministry?

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Greetings woman of God: I was a widow for 6 years until I remarried last year. I must say during those six years my fellow clergy and parishoners were overly supportive. They prayed for me more, they supported events and just helped in general. I am not sure if they thought I was sad or lonely but they kept me smiling, praying, preaching and encouraged. I thank God for them.

I really learned from them to go the extra mile when helping others in ministry; and if I knew that someone was leaning or might be leaning, I should embrace them and be their strength until they were strong again.

I will say to anyone in ministry: single, widowed or married.... show love, help others, be faithful and it will come back to you in due season. Do all things as unto God.

Thanks for your comments. They were very well written and a great encouragement. I have been a widow for 8 years and my adult childen and prayer partners and friends have been such a blessing to me. Praise God you are remarried and we pray you will have a blessed life with your husband and this portion of you life will be the greatest,


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