What does this mean? And why do relationships have to be a bitter ending in the church if someone decides to move on to another ministry. When a (sheep) member of my congregation feel they would like to go to another pasture or I notice they are no longer eating in this pasture, I then try to help them find the pasture based on my knowledge of where they are in life and the ministry personalities in our area. Yet when a member (sheep) join my growing ministry it is said I stole the member.


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Very good. I believe ministries have personalities and when the personality and focus of the ministry does not coincide with the personality and focus of the member it is fine to move to another ministry as long as that ministry is teaching that which satisfys the thurst and hunger of the sheep.

The Shepherd scattering the flock can be a "whole nutha" discussion

I pray you are feed bountifully in this new pasture. I remind sheep before they depart a ministry that the grass is greener on the other side until winter comes then it turns brown like everywhere else until you find the climate(Spirit) Hot and the food and water plentiful.
The sheep are not ours we are laborers in another mans sheep fold, Stewarts of the Most High God. And if the Bible says "He adds to the church..." then I guess He can lead them away, but my role is to feed them so if they stray at least those who are His will have enough "fat" to sevive until another undershepherd is sent to retreve them before a wolf gets them. Sheep wander with their heads down the udershepherd must tend the sheep and trust the all seeing eye of the Chief Shepherd for help to maintain and connect with other undershepherds for the goog of the sheep and not the shepherd personal sheep pen.
Humm that will preach
I will preach it and send you your 10%. You are correct and I think more pastors need to understand this in the Kingdom of God, the sheep have greater access to many fields.

I know a pastor who's vision was to baptism people in "Jesus Name" and he wonder why shortly after people where baptised they would leave and go to another ministry. So I began asking him to share his vision with me. His vision was totally laced with the Baptism in Jesus Name. I then told him your vision is being fulfilled, because your vision does not expand beyond the baptism, therefore after the sheep eat of your field that have a thrust and hunger for something additional. One ministry cannot satisfy the individual thrust and hunger of everyone in the Kingdom even as much as we try to do so.

Therefore if one ministry as good as it maybe performs the content of it's vision perfectly, sheep will still have an appetite for something different and I do not believe that is a bad thing, but today's church has a practice of viewing this in a negative fashion.
Very well said Reverend and unfortunately as we both know this is very real in our churches
Both are very well stated. I let sheep know when they come to my ministry in New Members class to please let your care group leader on let me know when you feel it is time for you to leave and allow us to one help you find another home based on my relationships and knowledge of this area and two I want to know if it is something that we could improve upon to have inticed you to stay as long as it is in line with our vision.

I have a teaching, ministry and a worshipping ministry. Some accustom to 2 1/2 hours of shouting would not like this ministry. We do praise but our intimate worship time is of great importance. Not that praise is not, but I have found intimancy with God accomplishes so much and it is basically the personality of our ministry. But don't think for a moment we don't know how to pick'em up and put'em down. I just can't do it as fast as these young folk like to take me. LOL
This happens when Pastors view GOD'S sheep as their own personal property. This is a person who feels ownership of another's soul and don't really care for the soul but their own personal agenda's. Anyone who opposes a peaceful departure shouldn't be a Pastor in my opinion.

Maybe they are counting lost tithes and offerings. I remember when I was leaving a church before I got married, the Pastor said to me that my new church did'nt need my tithes, they do. He said this because my soon to be husband's church was a large church. He insulted me because he pretty much said that I was only worth tithes and my soul wasn't the reason my membership was valued.
Praise God Rev. Luckett....Thank You so much. I try to peek in from time to time. My hands are tied most of the time with baby Grace. God bless.
I know of one church that is filled with single women and one of the reasons is that the pastor tells the women if they get married then the husband will have to come with you to this church because He feels he has shephard them to this point and feels his ministry will be good for the both. This ministry is 95% single women with kids and if men come they leave shortly thereafter.

So what in the world are we doing..."shouting, speaking in tongues, and our souls are being mismanaged.

Brother Dixon -

This example is the highlight of one of real problems that is destroying the effectiveness of the western church today. It is out of order. Any man who assumes to have the right to take the place of leadership over another man's family is to usurp authority and help in the destruction of the family unit - and as a result, even the church its self. No man can hope to become an elder within the body of Christ so long as it is the 'pastor' (or 'first family') who runs his family.

On the one hand it is spiritual leaders destroying God's family structure, and on the other hand we have the failure of men to take their God ordained responsibility. The state of the church (as a whole) and our society (in general) reflect this spiritual decay. Of course, we have men who will not take responsibility - and there in lies the root of our current problems.
Bro Bowman, Rev Luckett, and Min Warren, all excellent additions to this enlightening insight on this topic. There area a few words that stand out in this discussion that is insecurity, control, and ownership of souls.

It would be nice if other pastors read this with an open heart to see if they are exhibiting this type of behavior over God's people. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. Members volunteer to attend our ministries and we must realize they have the right to end their role as a volunteer with our non profit organization at anytime.
Do you teach the people about the commandments of God?
Based on your input in other discussions it does not matter what my answer is I'm sure I am not doing it correctly according to your standards and your interputation of the scriptures.

Therefore to satisfy you and your assertive posture in friendly discussions I will say the correct answer is No I do not teach the commandments of God, now I'm sure your response will be "don't give an answer to satisfy me, we have to please God....or something of that sort.


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