What does this mean? And why do relationships have to be a bitter ending in the church if someone decides to move on to another ministry. When a (sheep) member of my congregation feel they would like to go to another pasture or I notice they are no longer eating in this pasture, I then try to help them find the pasture based on my knowledge of where they are in life and the ministry personalities in our area. Yet when a member (sheep) join my growing ministry it is said I stole the member.


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I don't interpret the scripture. I was just asking a question. It is clear that we do not serve the same God from the conversation you keep. I was simply asking if you teach the commandments of God, and you say you don't, so we don't worship the same God. Therefore, it nothing else to discuss.
I agree
I serve the God of the Bible, and you serve the God of the precepts of Men.
Thank you for sharing
No Prob.
Neither of you have understanding, and don't want it is why you think the way you do.
Thank you Minister Warren,

As a Pastor the doors of the church are opened to all people and their personalities. Many come from congregations that provided them with the teaching of opposing opinions and an understanding of the bible that is not always in line with what we teach.

Over my many years as Pastor I have learned to love them where they are and hope that they will soon see the Holy Ghost in me and it will draw them to Christ irregardless of what they believe or their opinion of what I believe. If they hang around me long enough and communicate with me long enough the compassion, and love of Christ in me, will touch their hearts, that is if they want to be touched. And I believe everyone wants to know truth. Otherwise we must turn them over to a reprobate mind. I'm sure our brother Hezekiah will again challenge even this with an aggressive, judgemental comment, but I still love the brother and he truely believes he is spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ correctly.


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