The enemy will attack you through your emotions
With hopes of causing commotion
He will manipulate people and things
Filling them with insecurity and low self-esteem
The enemy will even try to put his foot on our neck
Choking us until we loose our breathe
I don't know about you but I'm ready for the tables to be turned
Cuz by the enemy, I'm tired of being burned

So tonight me and the enemy are changing positions
No longer will he step on me
With his faulty intermissions
Cuz instead of me putting my head down trying to pout
I'm gonna put my foot on 'em
And stomp it out

Cuz in one motion you can go from being under your circumstance
To God giving you an advance
In one motion you can go from being the one under pressure
To God blessing you beyond measure

See, when you put your foot on something
That means its beneath you
It's no longer an issue
It should not have an affect
In no shape, form, or fashion on your spirit

So when the enemy comes trying to make you stress
With motives of sending you back to old mess
Put your foot on it

When he comes in your life trying to take charge
And make you walk with God seem hard
Put your foot on it.

When he comes trying to make you confused
Then leaves you hanging, not knowing what to do
Put your foot on it.

Don't complain about it, don't cry about it
Don't talk about it, don't eat your way out of it
Just put your foot on it

In Luke 10:19 of the King James Version
It says "Behold I give you power to tread on
serpents and scorpions
And over all the power of the enemy"
Which tells me, we all have the power and authority
To not bow down to principalities

With that said
If you want to put Satan on your hit list
All you got to do is............PUT YOUR FOOT ON IT


~Prophetic Poetic Visionist
© 2010 Jazzman Cox

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