Soul ties are mostly found in non-believers but occassionally attach themselves to believers that have

not totally sold out.This happens when they have yet to rid themselves of their worldly ties. They may not have gotten rid of old habits, old friends, old hangouts, old trinkets from boyfriends,husbands,co-workers or friends.I write this to give you solid information  Soul ties are generally thought of as sex offenses but in reality they can

be friendships, co-workers, family members, or sexual partners. They are like minded with a persons values, morals, actions, thoughts or from generational curses that continue and have not been dealt with. I always tell people anything that you don't address and defeat, comes back and those same demons are the ones your children, or children's children will have to fight unless someone takes the initiative to combat it. Just as you know that there is a Supreme good you must not be uninformed to know there is a supreme evil and satan is his name. No, he doesn't need you to open an entire door, a crack will surfice. Whenever he finds opportunity, he sends his spirits of darkness to try and successfully seek out the weak and overcome them. Many times people hate someone - but it is actually the spirit of darkness operating in the person that actually is to blame.

You can not carry baggage into your destiny or you will never achieve what God has for his believers. These usually deal with  the following:


2- touch

3- taste

4- feel

5- imagination



These come about when something is not dealt with. They can produce a variety of consequences:



3-physical symptoms (migraines,aches,pains)

4-mental stress ( unsure of decisions made)

5- fear

6- loss of appetite

7- lack of taking care of appearance

8- drifting futher into the world

9- watching porno, wild music

10- dreams of affliction,sexual dreams,etc.


Things that you normally would not involve yourself in. If you look closely enough you will recognize the

friend, family member, spouse, etc. that display this same behavior. That is what is meant by familiar spirits.

Anything done that is wrong and against the will of God opens the crack up to enable dark spirits to begin

operating in the life.Once this garbage gets in it ping-pongs from one to the other.One of them will start

exhibting a

controlling behavior


abuser mentally or physically

When soul ties are properly introduced as God intended (marriage) it creates a cohesive relationship. When introduced the wrong way (shacking, promiscuity) the two become one illegally which opens the way

for both to be inhabited by darkness. See when you sleep with Tom- you also sleep with every Jane, Sara, and donna that he has been with.You pick up his spirits as well as theirs and it becomes bonded with you and Tom. One may have been greedy, one may have been a liar, one may have been a murderer. You have to fight against all those. This is why fornication and adultery are sins. You open a door that is hard to close

without much effort , time, and spiritual guidance.



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So true, we must be alert to All of the devils tricks so that we can live right and encourage others to do the same. I do

thank you all for joining in these discussions. We are to converse to Enlighten, Encourage, and Empower.

God Bless you !

Amen!  As we refresh others, God will refresh us.


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