Kudos and gracious greetings dear friends, brothers and sisters. There are many amongst us that truly desire to see a transformation of God's people; NOW!!

However, when one views the biblical timeline in relation to our personal history, there is not much of a difference. See childen of Israel...

I maintain that in order to invoke the change that leads to total tranformation, as leaders, we must be proactive in this charge.

To possess information and knowledge and do nothing is a sin!! I implore each of us in leadership, each of us in the house of God to take up our cross right now and become the blessing that people need.

Friends, be the change that you desire to see. Do more than your portion and you shall witness not only transformation, but renewal and revival in all that enter your presence.

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I agree!  If we stand by and do nothing God will hold us responsible for the lost souls He commissioned us to minister to.  We must continue to fast, pray, seek God.  Bind the hand of the devil in the Name of Jesus, tearing down his kingdom which is not divided.  When we cast out one stubborn demon or stronghold, it will change the devil's kingdom from the earth to the third heavens.  Not only will it alter the devil's kingdom, but it will free people's minds and hearts that they can hear and receive the Word of God.

This is called deliverance...


Thank you sister Johnson. Blessings and peace to you now and always.


Chaplain Reverend Darrell C. Hartley



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