Most Christian leaders are wasting their time on social media, not because they spend hours drooling through the newsfeed but because of how their page looks, what they post, what they don't post.

We would like to let you in to a little research and a few simple tips to build your profile in all forms of social media to double your IMPACT in just 10 minutes a day. What do you call a person that knows what to do but doesn't do it? The same as a person that is offered a solution to their problem but doesn't take it.
Most leaders know they need to fix their social profile but are either just not sure what needs fixing or how to do it, or is it really that important. YES IT IS. You are missing lots of valuable contacts because of your incomplete or inappropriate profile and its content. Pulpit Rock Training will teach you how to have an impacting profile that gets interaction, builds networks, causes you to be seen as an authority and helps you to develop your ministry.
It is a totally free program but exclusive to the members of Africa Network BFTF. This also is a free online platform with over 4300 vetted ministers concerned for Africa.
The platform also contains hundreds of resources and ways to grow your ministry impact which we won't go into here. Make your application here and get started on your IMPACT.

You can qualify as a Certified User in 10 days, a Certified Fellow in a month and a Certified Expert in under 3 months, display your certificate for extra emphasis of your skill, knowledge and persistence on all your social media. You may be surprised how many people you know who are already on Africa Network BFTF. What are you waiting for? do it now. Application takes just 2 minutes. 

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