So surprise to see a gay and lesbian group on hear calling themselfs christian. we got to make a stand against that. I call that group out and say to them GOD IS NOT IN THAT MESS. YES JESUS LOVE YOU. HE IS AGAINST THAT WICKEDNESS. COME OUT AND REPENT. I CALL OUT THE LEADER OF THAT GROUP. MIN CORY BERRY. REPENT AND GIVE YOUR LIFE TO JESUS.
Im not a basher yall. But God is calling us to make a stand. Elijah did it on Mt Carmel. God is not please with the ways of evil. I love you all but I challenge this group and leader REPENT.

bro. Rock


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I agree, although we have to LOVINGLY direct sinners to the true Word of God. Some people have just been misquided. We all sin and fall short of God's glory; some practice homosexuality, some lie, some judge. Is one of those sins greater than the other? No! They are all the same in Gods eye. God loves everyone, but He is not pleased with a lot of our ways, not just lesbianism, and homosexuality. We look at the 'big' sins, but forget about the 'little' sins that will send us to hell just as well. I'm not disagreeing with you, just saying we should not judge one sin as being worse than we do another. A sin is a sin, is a sin... God is calling us all to a higher level in Him. That means we have to stand bold for Him. We, as God's people, are accepting anything in order to fit in. We are not meant to fit in with the world. If we do, somethings wrong. We should be bold enough to speak out against homosexuality, lesbianism, lying, judging, unforgiveness...the list goes on and on. I am totally against same sex relations, but I am also against those 'little' sins that we think God will overlook, because He is more concerned about that 'bigger' sin. Keep speaking out, but remember if we don't touch on the smaller issues, we tend to overlook them and help, unintentionally, guide CHRISTIAN people to hell.
By loving kindness we draw men to god maybe being on this site will cause them to get set free by the true examples we set as gods people unless there promoting people to be like them then i understand but allow god to work if they joined that's an example that god has a plan so trust my brother .
Can you be a fornicating Christian or a lying Christian?
Whenever you put the "ING" on it that says that you are in a continual activity of the said thing. Whenever you are continually committing an act that you know is against what the Word of God says then one would have to call into question your love for the Master.
We know that homosexuality is contrary to biblical teaching but I would allow homosexuals to come to my church for the following reasons. How else could I reach them with the word of God? We must not become so holy that we are no earthly good. We as Christians are always ready to holler,"sinner", but what were we? If God judged me on the things I did previously in life I would be condemned to hell. Thank God for his mercy and forgiveness.


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