Sonship is a term associated with Kingdom of God business. As I logged onto a sonship website via the internet, the enemy had sexually explicit material on hand as soon as I opened the file. How can this be? It is up to the servants of God to take dominion over our given domains. If a servant of God had dominion over that site, the enemy would not have access to the saints and servants of God. Its time to take a stand against the works of the enemy thru the internet. Many of our brother and sisters have been trapped by one click at the computer. Has anyone else run into this situation?

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Hey! What website are you talking about? And have you contacted any other pastors about this situation.

Bro. Perry aka DJ Perry
Mixing of Souls, INC
God Bless
If you go to sonship dot com it will blow you away. Those who have an ear to hear must take action before the whole Christian experience is turned into a freak show. Sincerely, Marie
I have not contacted other pastors. How? Should I forward this to all in Black Preaching Network?


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