Tattoos.... is it graffiti on the temple of the Holy Spirit???

Should a pastor or ministry leader seek to have his/her tattoo removed once they are in leadership?

Some consider tats the same as graffiti on a building since the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

What are your thoughts?

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Hi Minister Tracy Curtis, without reading the responses yet, I know everyone has already posted Lev. 19:28 which forbids tattoos. Though the Bible doesn't elaborate on it directly, the Bible does talk about the nations practicing these acts drawing demonic wickedness unto themselves (Lev. 19:29,31; etc.).

I do not think leadership should have 'tattoos' and if they do, I think their ministry will suffer the lack of gifts of the Holy Spirit. On the other hand, I have heard the 'hippie' type say they are using 'tattoos' to meet that 'highway, byway, hedge' crowd where they are at, in order to lead them to salvation.
Noble gesture, but I don't know about that.

Bottom line, I think that as God has put this commandment in His word, we should follow it as He knows better than we as to what this type of conduct results in.

Just look at what I call, 'the mirrors of ancient Bible history' tribes of Africa who do such practices. This was the world the God of the Old Testament or Torah was referring to with regard to cutting the flesh and putting tattoos all over the body. Many don't realize that but it's true. Look at their descendants today. They remain stagnant and satan is able to have a field day at will with them. That is, I, like I'm sure many of you, have watch the National Geographical documentaries of these people and not only is there lawlessness amidst the stagnation but there before our faces are the very tribes that the Israel of the Bible intermingled with.

Hence, God would forbid, 'cutting of flesh' as they do, 'tattoo markings' as they do for they draw demons into the midst and demons retard and keep stagnant and in deep, cruel bondage.

Final analysis, get rid of tattoos even the medical world validates that there is something to God's commandment in that people who have that tattoos are not allowed to give blood as their blood is contaminated.
I don't have any tattoo so I can't really truly speak on the matter.... But i'm kind of puzzle...are we talking about ....If you already had them before you Gotten save and being in leadership position or all we talking about after you been saved and then you when contray to the scriptures..

I still think there is a difference.. (still standing on what i said previously)

Some may be still looking at it another way.... I know that we as church folks said when we come to God we have to come all they way.. and we don't need any of the world attachment still hanging on us..... May some are thinking that it's still bondage to have the world way still on us... hmmmmm I don't know....(something like soul tie)
Hi Lisa, from what I could glean from this very interesting and enlightening discussion is that we are speaking with regard to both, to a degree. For those who got tattooed before they came to Christ, well, they would be 'babes in Christ' as far as growing in His grace and learning His word with regard to the command to not get tattoos (Lev. 19:28).

On the other hand, the subject matter seems to be that believers are adapting to the world's 'tattoo' fashions and wanting to tattoo themselves. I think this is a great spiritual danger bordering on rebellion in that as one poster pointed out, some are justifying it with statements, like, 'we operate in the grace of the New Testament, instead of the law of the Old Testament.

Either way, I'm with you, never had one, never wanted one, and downright don't see the sense in getting tattoos, period. Praise God! :-)
Ms. Johnson... you make some valid points.

I have a question that was answered by some of the others who posted and since you didn't read their stuff, I'll ask you.

Should a man or woman who has spent their entire lives tatooing their entire body undergo treatement to get rid of all of their tatoos once they become born again Believers?
Hi again Tracy, when I first responded I purposedly didn't read the views of others but rather gave my first impression. After that, I went through and read all the fascinating views and was greatly edified. As the Bible says, "Iron sharpens iron." Anyway, some of the other believers eloquently expressed this point, 'no' I don't think they should if they can't afford to rather, they should use their now tattoed body as a testimony. Meaning, they could give testimony of God's grace and deliverance. They could reach that tattooed population with the importance of not tattoing their body.

Now, if they could afford to get rid of them and they feel compelled of the Holy Spirit to do so, then by all means they should.

Anyway, now that I have read everyone's enlightening point of view I must say again and again, great discussion, so glad you started it and I pray people get edified. God Bless.
Great subject,
I received a tatoo 5yrs before I returned to the kingdom.I grew up catholic,in high school went to a baptist church,in the 70;s wanted to be muslim.Truly tatoos does;nt matter.The tatoos I got were a sign from God to me,not saying all people can say that but i can.The tatoo i liked looked cool and different,so i got it,come to fined out,in hebrew it means spirit.I know this for a fact because i was considering getting it removed.My second tatoo was received 4 days later,and believe it or not,it;s Arabic,and means faith.This one with the bird indicates family and by enclosing it in the circle creates my family bond.Yes it;s a marking but it was before the return to the Kingdom.This other one is faith encased in a circle means my belief,all done before I had any inkling about coming back to our Lord.And for the record when HE,returns on His thigh a name written KING OF KINGS,LORD OF LORDS! [REV:19:16].Its all about were your heart is.Remember we are not to judge unless we;re ready to be judged.Great topic!!
Torah forbids it
So I guess you;ll be there to tell Jesus those marking on his thighs,are;nt appropiate,and that Rev.19:16,wasn;t translated correctly.Opinions are great,we all have one,and greater minds besides you and i have debated this subject.But you believe what you need to and so will i,and remember the torah was translated too,the bible says the Holy Spirit will guide the just.So whatever opinion,is taken fine.But I know real brothers and sisters who;ve changed their lives and are tattooed up and they are less judgemental of people.Lots will say Lord have;nt i done your will,and He will say,[I NEVER KNEW YOU][paraphase! stop judging and bless those who are seeking the truth
In my opinion that Pastor is not obligated to remove anything; especially if they did not know the word when he/she got the tat...The only way they should remove it is if "they" want to. They should repent and not allow anyone to judge them. I do not have a Tat and I did not get branded. That was b/c my older brother got a tat and my mom sat the rest of us down and showed us the word. Then she got up and said "if you do it then it is on you...Not me"....LOL One thing we have to do as Children of God is understand that we have to please God not each other. We have all made mistakes and just because you can see the tat does not mean that this mistake is any worse then any other mistake in our life. It may sound extreme but should the pastor that snorted coke cut of his/her nose; or should the one who cursed like a sailor cut out his/her tongue. I think the thing here is removing the tat is a way to try to remove the sin; the blood has already accomplished that task. In my opinion the tat is a good reminder of how good and merciful God is: and it also shows that through our mistakes he stills loves us. That's just my thoughts!!!
I am sorry but this has got to be the most foolish disertation I have seen in a long while. We have a tendency to major in the minors when it comes to things spiritual, when it comes to things that matter most, we are silent, but when it comes to the trivial we are at our loudest volume. Does anyone here care about the hundreds of kids that die every day in this country to either malnutrition, hunger, or abuse? Who here has wept over the church's prostitution? Who here longs for the day when actual men and passionate women who care about the people of God will actually take their place in leadership? why is it that men who claim to be leaders can be lead into politics and made to say things that they necessarily do not agree with, and yet betray themselves when it comes to saying and dealing with more important things. Where are the people of God who actually think?
Good points Bro. Anthony.

Unfortunately, we have a tendency to split hairs on a lot of things of no real significance when it comes to what we did before our salvation.

Whatever you did in life prior to your salvation can and probably should be used as a testimony of where God brought you from and where you are now because of Him.


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