Teaching Our Children from SMALL will help yield a better future generation.

30th December, 2011
By Staff Reporter for www.daringdifferently.com
Rev. Khrystus Wallace shared his views on Kiddies Carnival with DaringDifferently.com.
"I had to make a quick run into town to make an errand for my mother during Kiddies Carnival 2011 in St. Kitts. This was the second time in my 25 year life span that I would have seen a local Carnival other than on local television. I was again appalled. The vulgarity, nakedness and suggestiveness certainly had the microphone" he said

'. . . And they call this Culture' Wallace stated. "Carnival really isn't cultural. St. Kitts - Nevis seems to have lost much of it's cultural heritage since it is not being taught to many of the youth."

The Young Reverend said that he was happy to see a small contingent of youth from the gathering playing bull but sadly, they weren't being paid much attention. He suggested that it was probably because they were properly attired and moving towards the sound of a drum rather than the rhythm box.

"A high percentage of our nation's promising females who participated in the Kiddies Carnival, were dressed in tights properly advertizing their underwear outlines, or showcasing their legs in extra short skirts. This wasn't good at all." stated Rev Wallace.

"I could have seen the efforts of each team trying to portray various themes. A good idea I thought, but designers need to be more considerate with planning the dress code for our YOUNG FEDERATION GIRLS. They still can be nicely dressed in their gay colours but properly covered."
"Promoting this type of dressing at Carnival time and otherwise and then pressuring children and youth to dress modestly at school and mufty dress-up days must be totally confusing to them. It must be either in the river or on the bank." Wallace postulated


"Advertising our young girls like that, I personally believe, helps to contribute to the high level of sexuality prevalent amongst children….children I say….and our Youth. This is evidenced in a conversation between two school boys that stood next to me while I took my gaze.


One said to the other, “I like to see XXX (calling the school girl’s name)” and pointing. “She could ‘wuk-up’ boy.” He was referring to the girl’s gyrating to one of the band’s songs that was encouraging the CHILDREN to participate in actions that are not becoming, Rev. Wallace said.
(Gyrate means: to shake hips/body provocatively to attract attention (male or female) http://www.urbandictionary.com).


The conversation continued. "The little chap went on to say, “I like see how she XXX print out.” In total disappointment, Wallace said he shook his head and went back into the cloth store to get the ribbons his mother had sent him to buy and made his way home."


He said, "As I drove, I thought and thought and thought. I then had to conclude. If parents and guardians teach their children from small the importance of dressing and conducting themselves decently and in order, then the probability that the cravings that our children and youth have for sex so early in their life will not go away completely, but will be reduced.


Wallace concluded that until then, counsellors, pastors, evangelists etc will always be busy trying to assist parents with children, both boys and girls, wanting to have their own way with regards to dressing and otherwise.
"Who's to blame for SOME of our Youth's actions in the future since we confused them while they were small?" He said

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