Dear Father God I thank you for being my God, the one and only true living God, the God whose love was such for us that you thought nothing of giving and sacrificing your one and only begotten Son so that we could be sin free and have eternal life reconnected back with you. Father I thank you, I thank you for your consideration to us, for your loving kindness to us, I thank you Lord that out of the abundance of your goodness I now have an eternal Father, I now have a Saviour, an eternal brother, an eternal friend and that among all the unseen things I am part inheritors to the vastness of all that the heaven so beautifully and wonderfully portray.

Father God my gratitude is more that words can declare and my love increase each and every second when I considered how underserving we really are and how instead of eternal punishment for our wicked ways, you give us a chance of eternal happiness, you mercifully look upon us with love.

Yes Lord I thank you from the depths of my heart and soul, I thank you that you opened my heart to recognised who you are.

I love you Father, Son and Holy Ghost and I pray that each and every soul on earth will come to recognise how awesome you are and will come to accept your love and your tender kindness towards them. I pray Father that they will consider the many tyrants who have come into this world with nothing on their mind but to steal, kill and destroy, those who have come with pure hatred to destroy us and realise the vast difference between them and the love that you have for us. I pray all will come to know that love is the solution to all the problems facing us and they will want to wrap themselves in that love which is your son Jesus Christ.

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