God is commanding that all apostles who are true apostles start doing the work /acts of the apostles. He is upset that some of us have left our first love. Money, sex and prestige have taken priority over truth, holiness and compassion. If there are not an apostle(s) over the church you attend, then God will not allow growth (true growth). Everyone must begin by being persuaded by their own minds.Seek God by obeying Him!!!

For those apostles who are rebels, lone rangers and have not completed your training, then you are to seek guiduance from a senior apostle soon as possible. Souls are important to God!!! Reset your priorities before God replace you!!!! Where are the apostles!!! Apostles come home and subject yourselves under God and a Senior Apostle. For there are three levels to every offices of the five-fold ministry (1 Corinthians, chapter 12). Apostles are the highest ranking officer on earth. Let us bring back the acts of the apostles with signs, wonders, miracles and healings!!!!!!!! The dead can be raised again. Miracle money will chase you. Too many chucrh folk are sick in the churches. This ought not to be!!!!! Where is your faith? If you love God, then keep His commandments(His Word). DO NOT ALLOW NO ONE TO CAUSE YOU TO DEVIATE FROM THE HOLY BIBLE!!! TO INCLUDE YOURSELF!  A-men.

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People who are in darkness do not hear the truth. I am trying to help everyone. By the way, WOMEN CAN NOT BE APOSTLES............. Hear the truth and live!!!!!!
May God Stop Your Mouth For 30 Days!!!!
I glory in tribulation. God is good. I am willing to take up my cross, deny myself and follow King Jesus, no matter who do not like it.
I rebuke unclean, evil and wicked spirits!!!!!!
Carl Mann, god is watching you and are not pleased with your wicked ways. You are out of control. Soon, judgement will come for you. Stop, before it is too late!!!!


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