I'm convinced that along with the "good" that the black church provides in a given community the black church is also contributing to the poor "spiritual" health of many who are involved. What do you think?

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Thanks Pastor Sweet,

Appreciate the support

Rev. Todd

Pastor Sweet, after hearing Rev. Todd's response to my last blog, I find myself agreeing that something must be done. Join us. Help us do something about it. You don't look like a man who's "talk only" to me. Help us formulate a plan and perform every word of it for the benefit of the church and the welfare of the kingdom of our Christ. Talk is cheap. Put up or shut up. If you do indeed support Todd's assessment of the BC, and deem him courageous for his words, then gear up. Let's get in the battle. I'm in. If you two are serious, and are not just a couple of talkers belching out words that have no substance, sign me up. Recruit me now. My sword is yours. Lets get to it. No excuses! Lets stop eating so much. Start fasting and praying, seeking God for answers, get a plan and perform it. Join us. I hope to hear from Pastor Todd very soon. A response from you will be equally appreciated. Long has it been that I have sought for men of your caliber, who are dedicated to the work. Lets get busy.

Pastor King

Brother's I'm all in! Let's do it.....

Pastor King, count me in as well.

It would be nice if you guys were to post a step by step update on your progress as you go along on how and what you are doing to make a positive impact on the black churches as a whole

I think that is a good ideal. brothers we nee to talk and set a direction and time line of this project!


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