The challenges of ministry are real, so why have pastors reduced their anointing to a personality simply to please their congregation? How can they get it back?

The idea of pastors fearing their congregation and therefore becoming more concerned about their opinion than the will of God in very disheartening to me. They have become jukeboxes for ministry and not vessels or instruments of righteousness. Where are the prophets, prophetess of truth (not in the modern since, but in the called?) Lets' talk about and begin encouraging pastors to live in victory, beyond their issues and or challenges. Lets' remove the masks of complacency and mediocricy along with our hidden agendas and help those who serve God. I am here to do just that, especially for those who have been wounded and or displaced by society. Be blessed each of you.

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Blessing Evangelist, I appreciate your view and comment. Allow me to ask it anothe way.Is it right for them to minimize their gft and anointing to accept what some else wish for their life and leadership - and is it biblical.
This is something that I have seen happen over the course of my life. However the outcome of the individuals involved were unpleasant, some were simply embarrassing and some tragic. When pastors become what i call "puppets" for the congregation is a serious, serious situation. I will agree, when pastors become fearful of their congregation, you might as well say that the enemy has crept in unaware. As leaders of the people, To be particular', God's people, we must be careful. We were not hired by God to take instructions from man, Be it may we do. But when it comes to taking instructions from the pew and disregarding what the creator of the one that sit in the pew tell you, then we hold ourself in a spiritual contempt with God.

Pastors are shepherds, Sheep don't lead shepherds. It doesn't look scientifically correct for a sheep to Bah his shepherd around. The menatlity of a sheep is totally different from the shepherd. First of all when a shepherd becomes a shepherd he takes an oath that he will watch over the souls {or spiritual well being) of the sheep. Usually when a Pastor or someone that is in a leadership position, begins to take orders on how to run the church, run the order the of service, who to put in what office and this, that and the other, he has denounced his authority to the enemy. Anytime any human being convince you to lay down what you have been instructed by God to do just to please them, it's time to make some serious, serious changes.

One thing leaders should'nt do is become too familiar with people. Yes love them and pray with, for them etc. but do not become so familiar with them that when you need or if you have to correct something in which they have done, they will not embrace it or better yet the will obtain an attitude or they will not take you seriously. We as human individuals sometimes desire to be accepted. But the last time i checked the bible says that Jesus was despised and rejected by men. And if we are carrying the mantle in which Jesus carried, what makes us any different?

Some people want you to surrender the control of the anointing so that they can create havoc in your life as well as those around you. You see when the enemy comes at us, we have to give him place to abide. If we don't give him place then he can't occupy a space. If a pastor have fallen victim to "congregation pleasing" and want to know how to get out of that particular situation he must first according to Rev 2:5 remember where and when he gave up his authority. 2nd he must repent and then do his first work over again. Yes quiet naturally when you revert back to your rightful authoritative position, people are going to buck against you. But hold your grounds. remain stedfast and unmovable. Don't give in. Continue to turn your feet unto thy testimony. Then when you see yourself really getting back on the right track, Don't trust anyone else thoughts or concern because Proverbs 3:5 & 6 says to Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, lean not unto thy own understanding. In all thy ways Acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.

When you know that you know that you know, you are on the right path God will re-establish you in HIS word and don't ever again allow the book of law to depart out of your mouth. Joshua 1:8 says This book of law shall not depart out of my mouth, But thou shalt meditate upon it day and night, that thou mayest observe to do all that is written therein. For then thou shalt make thy way prosperous and then thou shalt have good success.

This is my view on this matter
Be Blessed of the Lord
Blessing and peace Missionary, I honor your words of wisdom and believe you should write a book. Smile.
Praise the Lord Bishop,
You speak the words of confirmation, for writing a book is assuredly in the process. Pray with me and for me as i unleash the real true essence of the challenges that saved single women face. If we do not keep our eyes on Jesus, even the very smallest fragment of sin can engulf us and cause painful havoc.

I look forward to meeting you and First Lady. I currently have been re assigned to a ministry in Dacula Georgia. This step is certainly a Huge step for me. I was a faithful member of my former church and thought that would be it. But as my mother would say. My life isn't governed by what i want and would like to do. MY steps are ordered. and Dacula is where he has placed them. Hopefully my boaz will see me in the field and finally summon me.

Pray for me and God Bless!
Evangelist, as relating to what you have responded. Just know if this situation is going on, Pray for the man of God. Sometimes the Men of God have so much on their plate, their vision becomes impaired. Which is allowed. We have to remember they are also human, However our Job as the Servants of the most High is to go into prayer. Your blessing of the "Greater" comes because you will not disrespect or dishonor your pastor as relating to this very situation. Pray for your leader (as i am sure that you do) Trust that in God's own time he will work it out. When its time for the lord to visualize for the man of God trust God will give him the vision. Hang in there my sister, God is sending His personal divine help on the behalf of His people.

God bless


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