The church is dysfunctional. Do you believe this? How can dysfunction create functional order and progress? The church has dysfunctional pastors and leaders. It also has dysfunctional members. How can God move in such dysfunction and realise His Kingdom goals and objectives?

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You may have a point Pastor Samuels, but when you say "the church" are you referring to the body of Christ? If so, what proof do you have that every one of us members are dysfunctional, especially since you have not met every believer in Christ. I for one do not know you nor do you know me. So, with all due respect Pastor Samuels, what proof do you have that would allow you to call me dysfunctional?
Pastor Samuels you are absolutely right! My pastor preaches often about the issues in the church. I agree, that God
can not move in this dysfunction. Unless the people in the church change their ways, there is no hope. I believe that
some will change to follow the right path. Many times I sit in church and listen to the testamonies of people and I feel that
I am sitting in a "Hospital". Pastor, the Dysfunctional Church seems like a good title for a book. I don't know if you have ever thought about that, because you have some deep insights into these & other issues. Please remind me about future teleconference bible studies. I enjoyed last Monday night. Have a blessed day!! Pastor, you are a man of great vision, insight and purpose.
Great Comment everyone..
Now...Chaplain Pat Harris
It is not about who knows you and who dont,,,when we read the description of the Church in the books of the Bible we must admit we dont see some of these Characteristics..somethings we see more show and entertainment,rap music,and now ATM machines,,and one Church out here in Landover,Md. they even cash checks and take there tithes out FIRST before they hand you your balance..Preachers are for MONEY instead of outreaching,,,People are concern with what the Preacher drives instead of what drives the preacher...WOW..where else can we go where we can find a date,hear the latest gossip,see the latest a live band,,here the word all for a $5.00 offering??this is what the Minister meant by DYSFUNCTION,,Money changers on the rise,,,SPIRITUAL MASTURBATION,,IT FEELS GOOD ...BUT DONT PRODUCE LIFE
Now Eric Hancock, is it right to assume EVERYONE is dysfunctional? When you speak criticism about the church, be it the local community or the entire body of believers, you simply cannot place everyone into the same category by making a general statement as "the church." In fact, that's close to stereo-typing.

And, if you had read my comment to Pastor Samuels in its proper context you would have seen that I was merely asking for clarification as to which church he was referring to because I truly understood and accepted the point he was making.

Case and point . . .People are concern with what the Preacher drives instead of what drives the preacher...WOW..where else can we go where we can find a date,hear the latest gossip,see the latest a live band,,here the word all for a $5.00 offering??

What "People" are you referring to? Wouldn't it be less offensive to the innocent if you said "some people?"

This statement saids you are talking about the entire body of believers even though that may not be your intent. And rather than assuming this was not your intent, what harm can it bring to communicate with clarity especially when addressing the public?

I am soooooooo not impressed!
Shalom, My Brothers and Sisters!

I believe that Pastor Samuels began this discussion so that we could remember to check ourselves rather than argue a specific point. Remember, that a house divided cannot stand. Let's not allow the enemy to destroy the Body through yet another venue, but hold to the Truth of the Word. Let's save our energy to be vessels of the greater works so that God can be glorified by what He can manifest through us.
Chaplain Pat Harris
I thought that I typed some churches but I did not....
I am not hear to impress you,you dont have a Heaven or hell to put me in ...just another opinion and we all have one I have seen the mess in and out the church so you can make belive that it dont exist but we know that it does..when i go to the prisons and shelters and I asked why dont you all attend church..i hear everything from theft to drug distribution and Molestation ..and YES we should talk about it because judgement starts in the house of GOD FIRST...So take the hallo off your head and open your spiritual eyes if you have any

Prophetess Elise Thompson
RELAX I will behave
Eric Hancock, I was not trying to impress you either and I do not claim to have the authority or power to put anybody anywhere. I do not wear a halo and my spiritual eyes are open.

This topic is for discussion and to make us all think. I will not apologize to anyone who takes it personal because that is not the intent. Hopefully when people look at this topic they will be mature enough to understand the basic foundation for discussion. I think that most reasonable persons would not take the discussion personal because individuals must be confident in their own person and walk with God. Also, "The Church" institutional, is dysfunctional. Are there churches who are striving to operate using Kingdom principles and in ways that please God? Definitely! We must keep in mind though that the church is not the body of Christ. Why? Because everybody in the church are not beleivers in Jesus Christ and doers of His word. There is a difference. Lastly, this discussion is not meant to a foundation for arguement but self introspection. The reality avery person on earth has some dysfunction because we live in a dysfunctional world. The moment Adam nd Eve sinned and allowed Satanic rule....the world became dysfunctional.
Like you, Pastor Samuels . . . I'm not asking for your apology nor am I making an apology.
Christ is the head of the Church and He can fix the dysfunctional. Christ in you is the hope of glory! The Church does need a healing that only revival can bring this about. So let the healing begin!
In order for the healing to start one must first want to be healed...then the healing can many Churches are happy with the 2hr. emotional high and then go back home to HELL..we need more than healing BUT at the same time need to be healed..but for one to say or believe that nothings wrong with the church, that person is in a ozone..Pastor Samuel is a Man after the fathers heart he performs a complete eschatology before he post as well as staying before the father,,so he post what he see's and feel's such as myself.....So with that said with out offending anyone ..the Church has come out of it's Dysfunctional mode and get back to what is Written,,because if is not written then it is not real,,and the $100,$50,$20 lines ar not written give $500 and you'll have a husband in seven days is not wriiten,,a person tithing and hit rock bottom and the Church turn there back on them is not Godly,,you see more and more of the streets in SOME Churches ,,so yes there is an ELEPHANT in the living room


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