The Earth is between 10,000 and 15,000 years old, according to scripture

When i was in seminary , I had a seasoned man of God as a professor. He went on to say that the earth /heavens(except the abode of God) is only 10,000 to 15,000 years old. I among many challenged him with so -called mans science. This man of God proceeded to explain  with scripture. I choose to share it with my fellow brothers and sisters in christ. First and foremost I am a born again beliver in Jesus the Christ. I accept the Bible as the infallible word of God without error or err. In Genesis chapter one God creatde the earth and the  heavens in 6 days. in 2Peter.3:8, the bibile says that the day of the is as of a thousand years. So if God Created the earth and heavens in 6 days this gives us 6,000 years( walk with me please) From Adam and Eve to the birth of Christ Jesus is 42 generations (Luke 3:22-38, the 42 generations). a generation is considered 50 years ,

42 x50 = 2100 years. we have  6,000 + 2100 = 8100 years so far. From the death of Christ to to day is about 2000 years. 8100 + 2000 gives us 10,100 years . The age of the earth and 1st and 2nd heaven.We use the time frame of 10-15,000 years because of the Hebrew/Roman calendar and they were they recorded time . example to a Jew it was from sun rise to sun set a 12 hr day . to the Roman it was a full 24 hr cycle. note- There are three heavens.the first is the sky ,clouds ,atmoshere,the 2nd is space moon,sun,starrrs, the third heaven is the abode of God. 2Cor. 12:2...God Bless

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