This generation of Pastor's, Minister's, Bishop's,Apostle's are so misleading, that if the real Men and Women of GOD don't stand up and stop covering up sin, we are going to lose a whole lot of people, The people who hole these position's that I have mentioned above, have a responsibility to GOD'S people and that is too make sure that there is no (FLESH) when they are preaching or teaching, there is a responsibility to our people, there are to many mask's that we wear, Where are the real Minister's? Where are the real Pastor's? Where are the real Bishop's? Where are the real Apostle's? would someone please take up your cross and tell the truth? God Bless the people who really love his people:

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There are two TOP reason why the truth is really not being preach!!

1. $$$$$$$
2. Some leaders are in sin and they don't want to preach on it


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