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The International Day of Remembrance is an extraordinary endeavor that is to be held September 18, 2010, our first ever Day Of Remembrance will be held in every state across the United States to pray and ask The Mighty Creator for forgiveness and to repent and return to the Ways of The One, True and Living Yahweh of Eternity.We plan to hold this event at every State Capital throughout the nation and other participating countries; with the main event to be held tentatively in Jamestown, Virginia; the historical site of one of the main entrances into this country.

We are also reaching out to our people who were scattered to other lands; asking them to join us for this great celebration. On that day we want to first sing, shout out and blow the shofars giving thanks to the Most High for His Mercy and Blessings that allowed our ancestors to continue to multiply and not succumb to one of the worst atrocities known to mankind, “The Atlantic Slave Holocaust”. On that day we will cry out to the Most High collectively seeking His forgiveness for any transgression our ancestors as well as we as a people have ever committed. On this day we are reaching out to all who can volunteer their help in the planning process, including everything from the gathering of our people, to sponsorship support.


If you feel as though you can contribute in any way, please contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  or call 314-653-6845 or 314-353-8917. You may also write to us at: P.O. Box 775245 St. Louis, Mo.63177. We welcome all donations to help fund this project.

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Who Are We?


Why Are We Cursed As A People?


This is going to be a great event. We will join together all across the world and  turn towards Jerusalem the place where God placed His Name (II Chronicles 7:14) and blow the shofars, worship and pray and most of all ask for forgiveness for our sins and the sins of our fathers, for this is why we are in this country to begin with and ask Yahweh to forgive us and return us back to Him as a people set apart as priest kings. We have representatives from all over the country and around the world all with one mind to stand together as a people to seek our God and what His Will is for us. 


Please visit the ning site above and join to take part in this great event!

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Had to bump this thread. This is the most important thread on this site.
Todah Brother Hezekiah,

Thanks so much we are looking forward to this event. Each state is preparing for the gatherings and Father is making ways for us to touch more and more people. Please continue to spread the word...we must get to our brothers especially in the church they must know who they really are.....and why we are here!

Shalom, Shalom


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