After a more thorough look at the scriptures and other resources, i feel led to revisit this discussion again. We in the body of Christ have to join the mission to annihilate this and many other spirits that have attempted to take over the house of our Lord! I had the liberty to hear the teaching of a gentleman who was a high priest for several years. He spoke of several things i will visit in a later discussion. I will visit a few things relevant to this topic right now. 

He recalled a particular night when one of the witches wanted to send a demon after a christian woman who threatened to expose her practices to her family. She desired to instill enough fear in her to change her mind. After several of them participated in calling up a demon spirit and sending it after the woman of God, the demon reappeared to them not long after the ritual and was very angry. He said "don't send me after another christian again". The former high priest stated that christians don't understand the power of the blood of Jesus Christ! The demon spirit couldn't touch her! He was baffled because he was told upon entering the priesthood that satan was the ultimate power. This incident raised questions over the next few years that ultimately led to his conversion to christianity.  

It's time for us to walk in our dominion and the authority Christ has given us all in the holy ghost! He also recounted a season where there was to be an assasination of some of the major evangelist years ago that fell through. He shared that there are women who join some ministries on assignment to seduce the leaders and cause them to fall into sexual sin! I can think of a few right now who may have been present days victims of this very thing! We need to stop pointing fingers at our fallen brothers and sisters in christ and pray for them like never before. God will not keep his children in the dark. The key is that we have to be His Children! Prayer is vital in this hour for the church! The devil is destroying God's people. The word of God says we perish due to a lack of knowledge! We have to understand our enemy in order to fight against him effectively! 

The devil has been defiling God's temple today, just an in the days of jezebel. When you stand in Gods house ministering to His people after fornication and adultery, you bring the same stinch of sexual sin and perversion into the house of God as jezebel did.

  • Jezebel influenced the israelites to forsake their covenant with God! Out of 10 million followers of God only 7000 were considered faithful to the Lord after jezebels influence! This spirit operates through a powerful ability to influence, and was on a mission to stamp out any righteousness remaining in Israel. Jezebel killed the prophets of God and replaced them with 800 occult priests, soothsayers and temple prostitutes. To reference the character and influence of this spirit let us look at what the bible says;
    Jezebel, the wife of king ahab, used her position and power to implement her passionate desire for idol worship and rituals which involved sexual practices and abominations. The worship of these idols appealed to the barbaric, inhumane, fleshly part of man's nature. She worshiped false God's such as;

    Baal-the male diety of power and sexuality, a god of prophetic divination
    also known as lord of the city

    Ashtoreth-the female goddess of fertility, love and war
    These rituals included sexual practices and acts that are an abomination to the Lord. There is a strong connection between homosexuality, lesbianism and occult prostitution, they were part of the ceremonial worship of ashtoreth

    Dagon-erotic lust
    History teaches that dagon was known as the god of fertility, and was the father of baal. Dagon was believed to be transported from place to place through fantasy. This explains ahab's problem with fantasy lust and perverse imaginations.

The Baal idol resembled the male sexual organ
The Ashtoreth alter resembled the female sexual organ

The jezebel spirit operated through a strong spirit of seduction, perversion, lust, manipulation and control. Jezebel had 450 prophets of Baal and 400 prophetesses of Ashteroth to satisfy her cravings and desires for this idol worship. She also sacrificed many people in the rituals to these false gods.
Ahab, jezebels husband erected an asherah pole used to stir up sexual lust spirits. Divination, witchcraft and sexual sin work together. Where you find one you will find the other

God sent the Prophet Elijah to destroy the prophets of Baal
Satan raised up jezebel to destroy the prophets of God
I pray for the true prophetic voices and those with the spirit of Jehu to arise in the earth

Jehu-an apostle of war God used to destroy ahab's house.
The bible says, Jehu hated jezebels whoredoms, as we must!

A problem we face in the church is we lack understanding to how this spirit operates. What we have done is reduced jezebel down to a spirit that indwells an individual, and neglect to recognize this as a celestial power that has worldwide impact.
This power joins forces with ruling principalities of nations, cities, churches, and people
These spirits work together to form strongholds in a persons mind, which is where you find spirits of religion, the occult, lust, manipulation, control and perversions.
Jezebel more commonly uses the allure and seduction of women but will also use men. Jezebel operates in a spirit of Control and will attempt to assassinate anyone who tries to stand in the way.

Pastors look out for the person who comes in your church and wants to be in charge of every ministry in your church. Who tells you that you are doing too much and they will take over some of your responsibilities. This spirit seeks to ultimately bind you and render you ineffective. Please pray for God to expose any threats to your ministry. This spirit comes in to probe you for weak areas and areas of hurt to manipulate you and find an entry point.

Be watchful of the person who operates in jealousy and competiton Everytime someone besides him/her has an idea other than the one they thought of, they will undermine them, saying things like;

"I don't think we are ready for this yet"
"The Lord showed me"
"The lord told me"

They will position themselves to influence many with false prophetic words to win them over. There are some very important things we must understand.
First we must be able to discern an immature prophetic gifting vs the spirit of jezebel. We must also deal with the spirit and not destroy the person who may be under it's influence
Many times people operating in this spirit are not even aware of it
Pride, emotional wounds, spirits of rejection, jealousy and others are open doors for entry of this demonic influence
Jezebel is portrayed as glorifying herself and living luxuriously, she hates humility in other women/men of God
This spirit is puffed up and desperate for attention
Pastors look out for the woman who comes inticing with swelling words
Telling you how wonderful and anointed you are, saying things like;

"i was sent here to help you"
"I wish my husband was more like you"
"your wife or congregation doesn't appreciate who you are"
"If i were your wife i would support you in ministry"

Women watch out for the men who tell you their marriage was a mistake and they wish they had met you a few years earlier, saying things like;

"I need to cover you"
"my wife doesn't understand me the way you do"
"You are a beautiful woman and if i weren't married...."
"Your husband is a fool, if i were your husband..."
"Let me assist you with your ministry, you need..."

These become seeds sown in the heart planted with the purpose of growing up into a tree and then a forest, entangling your mind to cause impure thoughts. Remember this spirit deals with fantasy lust
We need accountability one to another, so we can dismantle the stronghold this spirit has on the church
We have tolerated this spirit destroying our lives, marriages, ministries and churches long enough.

Jezebel hates the voice of the prophetic and has always sought to silence it
To hinder the move of the Holy Ghost
To kill God's prophets
To turn our hearts from God by erecting alters for idol worship right in the house of God
Implementing rituals and practices that have everything to do with sexual perversion and idolatry
Examine your hearts to see if any attributes of the jezebel spirit are operating, none of us are exempt
Let us tear down the alters of Baal, repent and restore purity back to the house of our God

Will those with the spirit of JEHU arise

God has shown me several years ago that there are demonic spirits of lust on assignment to destroy God's people
Incubus and sucubus are visiting some of you, especially as you sleep
There are doors that you need to close, there's a purging and cleansing that needs to take place in your mind first. Consecrate yourselves unto the Lord that the enemy might be exposed and dealt with. Your deliverance from this spirit is at hand, take hold of it lest you be destroyed by it

We need the true intercessors, prophets, watchman and the like to arise and position themselves. It is time to discern and expose every diabolical scheme of the enemy. The church has to enter a NO TOLERANCE ZONE when it comes to the devil and his cohorts

Jezebel targets God's leaders
Seeks positions of authority and influence
Stirs up confusion with information she gathers
Operates in a spirit of accussation/ manipulation
Operates in prophetic divination
Seeks to gain popularity with people/members
Underminds authority/ operates in a spirit of control

Seeks to divide/cause a church split

Bitterness is one of things that opens a door to allows the jezebel spirit entrance. Some of the things you are fighting is a set up for sabatoge.
Demons are very cunning and will use people with unsubmitted areas to God to offend you. The demons understand more than we do concerning offenses, when we don't quickly repent and unforgiveness, offense and bitterness take root in our soulish realm, a spirit is granted legal access to oppress and ultimately possess us.

Please study jezebel's attributes and arm yourselves against this demonic infiltration

note; where the spirit of jezebel is, the spirit of ahab is in operation as well

enticed with honor and promotion

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Yes,yes,yes; I have been disturbed about this for sometime. Have you ever seen one person involved in everything, someone who has the ear of all, who knows how everything ought to be. Married but friendly with all the brothers and sisters.

But at the sametime walks out of the service when the WORD is being preached. I am talking about the person who has such an spirit of inclusiveness. Now it disturbs me because Brothers of the cloth have been and are being seduced by this spirit. there is more confusion than a little in all that this person is involved. And when GOD is at work this person can always state what others have said about GOD but never (what thus saith THE LORD) always can tell another where GOD is leading them, but has not shown what GOD is doing in there life.


The needy as you stated are really in harms way, this is the person whom tells them I'll show you how (the blind leading the blind) never letting them get a grip on the SALVATION OF THE LORD, rather the gospel of let me show you instead of letting them be led by the HOLY GHOST.

Yes people the Jezebel spirit is alive , she and he has pulled the veil over a many of folk, but we as the CHURCH must continue to not believe every spirit, but rather we need to try these spirits to know whether they are of GOD. We need to put down our feelgoods and lay aside our apostocies, and begin to fill our bellies, hearts, and minds with GOD'S word. Believing that if we lack any knowlege wisdom or understanding that the HOLY SPIRIT through GOD'S word will reveal to us all things ( I like to say the good the bad and the ugly) remember king Solomon told us to get understanding. We have to stop trying to psycho-analyze every person and situation, and know what or whom we are up against. There is no-need to start calling people Jezebel rather it is time to CALL THE JEZEBEL SPIRIT OUT OF THE PERSON.

REVELATION 2:26 As John was writing to the Church of Thyatira about what was going on in there midst (they allowed Jezebel to call herself a prophet and and to teach and seduce the children of the most high to commit fornication, and to eat things,sacrificed to idols. the LORD haqs given her space to repent but she repented not, for those following this spirit of iniquity read REVELATION 2:18-29 for yourselves and then you will know .
But for those of us who have the knowlege, and power we must endure to the end, there is no-need to go about screaming and hollering about the situation rather let us become overcomers, for the promise is in the 26th verse AND HE THAT OVERCOMETH, AND KEEPETH MY WORKS UNTO THE END, TO HIM WILL I GIVE POWER OVER THE NATIONS: AND HE SHALL RULE THEM WITH A ROD OF IRON; AS THE VESSELS OF A POTTER SHALL THEY BE BROKEN TO SHIVERS: EVEN AS I RECEIVED OF MY FATHER. AND I WILL GIVE HIM THE MORNING STAR.
Woman of God,

This is needed information in the kingdom. What is your ministry website? Do you have any books or study materials to purchase?

Pastor Alecia Beam
Sound of Judah Faith Ministry
Memphis, TN


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