I have been through phases of the “N-Word.” To use or not to use has
been a concern of mine off and on for years. Upon graduation from
Hillside and entering NC A&TSU; I was heavily into Dr. Martin L.
King, Jr. and Malcolm X (I know these two were at odd briefly and
represented two separate social movements) in essence I considered
myself very Pro-Black, therefore I didn’t want any of my friends to use
the N-Word.

I also remember watching movies like Roots and documentaries of the
civil rights movement and immediately feeling the inward longing for
resolve for the people who looked like me. I didn’t grow up in the
sixty, yet my parents and grandparents knew what it was like to be
referred to as the, “N-Word,” therefore, their feelings coupled with
oral traditions passed along the bitterness & resentment for that
era in time.

According to an ethological standpoint, if the term is accepted by the
community and has historical value and everyone used it, then, “N-Word”
would be okay to use, however that is not the case for the word was used
with a negative connotation which was meant to belittle our people.
According to Mr. Webster; Nigger means an ignorant person or without
knowledge. Historically, our people were held captive in a strange land
that was culturally different from our place of origin; which left our
ancestors ignorant of the language, customs, policies and religious
beliefs of America. Even though this term was meant to define a people
its use later became irrelevant.

The problem I have with the N-Word is in today’s society the
descendants’ of slaves have opportunities that the forebears never did,
yet they rather label themselves ignorant in order to make it in the
word or socialize among friends. Biblically speaking, your tongue has
power and you can speak life or death, blessing or curses with that same
instrument. I believe many do not realize this fact because they are
continuing to call themselves ignorant. For those who have changed the
use of the word Ebonically, fail to realize that they have only created a
new way to call themselves stupid.

In conclusion, I don’t think it matters who uses the term, it is an
insult or just as I said previously; a new way for call oneself, a
person or group stupid. Ironically, the term would be appropriate if you
refuse to learn new concepts and ideas in this vast information age.

What are you thoughts on the N-Word?

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