(A must-read insightful message dedicated to those sick and tired of the baseless religiosity of today, void of the substance of life).

Before each one of us, there is a junction leading to two paths; the easy and less challenging path and the difficult and challenging one. The easy and less challenging path is attractive and offers a lot of “leisure” to its sojourners, but delivers little or no substance of life. But the difficult and challenging path is actually the path that leads to life. I mean the God life; carriers of this life are empowered to do much more than just to heal the sick and cast out demons. They can literally give life to a dying generation and stem the tides of evil by their life and ministries. These "crops" of people do more than just to open a “church,” or churches; they are the church.

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. Matt 7: 13-14.

Millions of believers and Christian leaders today are on the easy and less challenging path. In fact, they have been deluded to think that, the easy and less challenging path is a mark of God's favor, when actually it is a seductive deviation from the path that leads to life. That is why, despite the millions of believers and Christian leaders in the world today; very little is changing and very little life is being released to the dying world. Above all, the devil is having a party because his activities are going on uninterrupted, despite all the religiosity under our different church banners.

The path that leads to life is evil spoken of and is strange to this generation, heading to the abyss of self-destruct, deluded by smooth tongue theologians who are experts in twisting the word of God to create room for their carnality and excesses.

Listen! It takes just a little polite "sinners pray" or nothing at all to join any church of your choice, but to walk the path of life requires a dying to self on a daily basis. Jesus Christ is not a politician; he didn't come to form a popular political party or religion, but to restore willing individuals to the path of life, from whence fallen mortals can be reinstated into their permanent place of relationship, fellowship and identify in the Godhead. This is beyond the religion of church going and speaking some retired tongues inside a church building. God have mercy on us!

The times demand for a rediscovery of truth; there is so much deception out there all in the name of “gospel.” It takes the rediscovery of truth to begin one's journey on the path of life. The path of life is the path of truth revealed via the revelation of Christ.

The path of life “kill's you” before giving you life. Such statements are offensive to a deluded soul, lost in church and sleeping in the light, but it's just the truth about the path of life people need to be told.

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DrBenard Etta​

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