The Prestigious Reverend Ron Christian Found Dead At His Church In Irvington


Reverend Ron Christian, the beloved pastor, leader and friend of Christian Love Baptist Church, was found dead inside of the church’s parish on Friday morning. Members, friends and community leaders are in shock as they remember the legacy of Reverend Christian.

The story of Pastor Christian isn’t one that is different than that of many others. In fact, the life he led has similarities that almost everyone can relate to. His friends and members recall him as the pastor with a past that propelled him to a place that only God could provide. His death has come as a total shock to the community and news of it has drawn many to gather at the steps of Christian Love Baptist, where the God fearing leader took his last breath.

Reverend Christian’s story is one that he often shared during his sermon and clearly, one that God allowed him to use in order to bring in others who had been or were in situations that he’d once faced. Marques-Aquil Lewis and Thomas LaVone spoke very highly of the pastor and the example he set as a pastor. They described him as kind, generous and always ready to help those in need.

Pastor Christians’ life story is one that begin as the son of a Baptist preacher; however, the pages would eventually turn and he would emerge as a drug addict turned thief. But his story doesn’t end there; in fact, this is where it begins. After a stint in prison, Christian would return to society with a new outlook on life and a plan to speak to God’s people, all people.

His vision would emerge into a reality that led him to become the leader of Christian Love Baptist Church. Christian reached out and attracted people from all walks of life because of his selfless teachings. His church motto was “All Sinners Welcome” and people from all around begin to see that he was a true reflection of what he taught.

Friends and members of his congregation said that Reverend Christian had no health problems that they were aware of and are all heartbroken and in disbelief about his sudden passing. No official cause of death can be released until a toxicology test is performed but police say there was no sign of trauma and foul play is not suspected.

Rev. Ron Christian surrounded himself with people from all walks of life and lived his life this way daily. Now people from all walks of life have come together to celebrate his memory and honor his legacy.

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