As I have travelled lately and browsed the various websites, I have noticed a NEW trend that has arisen and that is the "School of the Prophets". Now my posting this forum is NOT to offend anyone but I'm puzzled by this NEW sensation. In my 22 years of ministry, I don't ever remember such a thing, and this trend is becoming increasing larger than I imagined.

Some one please help me understand WHERE in the pages of Holy Scripture did ANY of the Major or Minor Prophets went to school to learn the GIFT of the prophetic ministry. I'm of the belief that NO ONE can teach a prophet the HOW TO'S of the office and I would love to understand the curriculum of such a school and why is there SOOOOOO many School of the Prophets?? This is just something that I've been pondering and witnessing.

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Thank you for this response, Toni. I have asked the exact same thing as it relates to churches as well because they ARE on every corner, block and street and YET many of the neighborhoods are NOT being empowered and folk are STILL going to Hell and NOT being saved. And those churches have so much going on in them but NOTHING going on outside of them. I'm NOT attempting to be judgemental in any way, because I am one who does understand the Times, Seasons, and Shiftings in which we occupy BUT I do also carry a SERIOUS conviction and concern when I see the gift of the Prophetic and Prophetic Authority (in which I too walk in) being MIShandled, MISappropriatede, MISinterpeted, and MISSING GOD.

My heart as Spiritual Father, is saddened NOT because of what I see BUT what's being seen by those who ALREADY have a skeptic idea of everything that WE CALL WORSHIP or CHURCH, because what they see in US will carry a GREAT effect or POOR effect on them. I will say this to ALL of US who are walking in the Prophetic office and to those who walk in Prophetic Authority, as it is wriiten in Luke12:48 b-clause, "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required."

I THANK YOU for your input and insight to this forum and I pray that the REAL PROPHETS in the likes of those who walk before us, will live the life BEYOND the pulpit, stage, conference, and SOP. I leave you in Grace and Peace.
Hello Again, Bishop-elect Nesby,

Anyone who attends Prophetic Mantle Network International and complete the seven session, program of study, (which includes demonstration of knowledge of the biblically-based course of study given) will receive a certificate of completion.

Those who graduate and have been called to the Office of the Prophet will receive an ordination certificate from PMNI and may have oversight from Prophetic Mantle Network International, (of which I am Overseer) if they desire. (We do so under consultation.) There are many who attend Schools of Prophets for the association and course of study, who have no desire to be ordained or provided oversight. Those who are already ordained, under their current covering, are just that; ordained and under the covenanted authority of they covering. PMNI has no desire or intention, to overstep the boundaries, relative to someone's covering.

Every Prophetic School, just as every other School of Ministry, or every one who says Lord, Lord, is not called of God nor operating in the things of God. Our responsibility is to identify and walk in our calling, whatever it may be, and glorify God while doing it.

There are a lot of Prophetic Schools, being established, because there is a "paradigm shift" taking place in the Body of Christ and the prophets, as well as, the other five-fold offices, etc. must be learned and in position to fulfill the purpose that God has called them to. God has assigned many seasoned prophets, to provide a platform for others to learn from, in a structured setting.

Consumed in Him,
Apostolic Prophetess Janice Fountaine
I love your spirit in your responses. Be encouraged and be blessed.
Thank Prophet Fountaine for your response and explanation.


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