A lot of people think that "Holiness" was only about the clothes you wear, and jumping and dancing, but holiness was about looking at life from a "self improvement" view. Holiness was about constantly improving one's self by drawing nearer to Yahweh, and shunning things of this world. That is why in the "holiness" movement, being filled with the Holy Ghost was essential. Being filled was the easiest way to accomplish the ultimate goal of self improvement. Allowing the spirit to rest, rule and abide made striving for a holy life so much easier. The spirit would convict the soul, which would be the guide for living Holy. That is why outward appearance mattered in this movement as well, it was because it was a sign that the Holy Ghost was within you enough to convict your soul enough that you would want to present your physical body as acceptable and holy unto Yahweh as well as your soul.

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What is so troubling and disturbing by your "rash" comment is that fact that you feel I would be offended by the "truth." I am not a lay member, I am a preacher and pastor called by Yahweh to do proclaim his word which is the truth. What authority or right do you have, given all the information I have provided about myself, my ministry and my words. to judge me of being anything less than a saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost preacher. You are the tumor in the church that is causing so many to break away and hide themselves in mega churches. Your "approach" even to me as a pastor is very self righteous and extremely rude. In one paragraph you haved managed to cut me down on every level you could find. Wisdom, understanding, honor and even respect, none of which you have conveyed to me or shown me by how and the way you have attemptd to minister unto me. Your tongue is your enemy it will cause you to be isolated not because of holiness but because what you say and how you say is not IN LOVE. And love is God, and they that have love have God. Nothing you said was in a loving spirit but it was extremely haughty and high-minded. Christ never present his argument as you have and I pray to Yahweh in the name of his Son, that your approach and your style of discussion does not hinder, or harm anyone in this walk. It is not "wise" to question another mans faith or his walk. It's like calling an American, un-American. If anything what you have done is ruptured a spirit in me of prayer for preachers like you that don't see the harm you can cause with you words that you try to connect with Yahweh's word. I have been justified and need not your approval on my ministry or my views. I am under no condemenation by your assertions and by the rashness of your mouth. Look for ways to come together and not ways provoke someone to wrath. Finally the bible says "Learn to do well." You have failed to do well with me.
Reply..to each point

1. & 2. I like what Paul said...when he heard that people where going out preaching for reasons other than true holiness as Bishop Foley drives home above (money and popularity) in the villiages, Paul simply said "whether in envy or in strife Christ is proclaimed and it that I do rejoice." What he meant by that is regardless of if the those that preach are doing it for the right reason, if they are proclaiming Christ as the Son of Yahweh, someone out there still has been given and opprotunity to accept Christ for himself. So it is not for us to judge the messenger but rather the content of their message. Even Paul knew this when he said "but I keep my body under subjection lest by any means when I have preached to others, I myself become a cast away." The each preacher lives is a choice but preaching the word is a command.

3. I think the foundation of every church is pure when it is founded upon Christ no matter what church. He said "upon this rock (himself) I will be build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." The negatives you spoke of are not negatives but different character straits that each church "should" have. Just like our children have different staits from each other. Teir differences is not a negative, but it gives each child his own way of looking at life. They come from the same parent (Christ) but are unique (the Church).
As a holiness preacher I can agree with everything you are saying. Because we emphaszied living holy above all else. But Yahweh showed me something one day. He said to me "It is I that will make you worthy and not you yourself." What he was saying to me is that you can't base your ability to preach and and use your gifts and talents for him based upon whether you think you are living a righteous lifestyle. You must preach in faith, because even your righteous lifestyle is filty to Yahweh. Obedience is what he calls for and ask of us. Send me your email and I will write a testimony of what happened to me. Yahweh caused me to raise a stranger from the dead less than 10 minutes after I had committed sin. I cried because I didn't understand why he would use me to do something so miraculous after I had done somehting so horrible and that's when he said to me "It is I that will make you worthy and not you yourself." He showed me that once he has anointed a preacher to do something, no matter if they do right or not, he will use him for his good pleasure. Jacob--crook. Abraham--didn't trust Yahweh and lied. Hosea--married a whore. David--lied cheated and was a murderer. King Saul--dabbled in witchcraft. Peter--cursed Christ and denied him. Moses--got mad at Yahweh, complained, and denied his commission. What I'm saying is that Yahweh used people based upon his desire to use them no matter if their lifestyle measures up or not. The hope is that we all live saved and remain holy. That's the hope and that's were we should have faith in Yahweh to help us live saved and holy. But it doesn't mean if you don't that you will impart your sin to others throgh preaching christ. A drunk can read John 3:16 and when he is done it will not make me want to drink. It is the word that gives life and not the messenger.

I don't agree with denominations rejecting parts of the Word. I have not found that to be the case in most holiness denominations but rather more so in others. The Baptist for instance are good at preaching and teaching water baptism and salvation but fail in teaching about the baptism in the Holy Ghost. But that's ok. Perhaps if I were young christian I could start out a baptist church and graduate to another denomination that teaches the next level.


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