Mark 16:15-20
"And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and
is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And
these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast
out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up
serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them;
they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.
then after the Lord had spoken unto them, he was received up into
heaven, and sat on the right hand of God. And they went forth, and
preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.

So THE RAW QUESTION IS STILL: do you believe that GOD still
does the miraculous, and that HE can use you to perform it? Do you
believe in a GOD that still speaks Prophetically not only through His
written word, but vocally by the mouth of His servants today

No metaphors or simple stuff; I mean the raw power of the HOLY GHOST
performing things that are beyond human ability.

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Yes, I do believe it can happen and I believe that God can use me as well.
There is no doubt in my mind that God can do what He said in His Word He can do and will do through His people.
I prayed years ago that I didn't just want to be the everyday church goer. I wanted to be used in some capacity and there is a saying be careful what you ask for.
My life hasn't been the same since.
Sounds like a testimony!
My best friend told me I should have just kept my mouth closed lol!!!
But I won't take nothing for what I've been through because spiritually and mentally I am farther ahead than young people my age who grew up with me in the church.
I sometimes wonder what would my life had been like if God had not caused that seperation.
Careful.....being in such a state can actually become harmful if you allow it. You can allow it by not acknowledging the fact/truth that you need people more than you often realize. This is the realization that many Prophets have had to wake up to.
Do you even know what I meant by the last line of my post or did you just choose to overlook it and AGAIN try and talk to me as I am beneath you or something?
How about you talk to me as I am your EQUAL and not beneath you and we'll get along better.
You people fail to realize that just because I don't have a title in front of my name that I don't know how to navigate my spiritual life.
When I need your advice (and I doubt I will because I have someone that I have been connected with spiritually) I will be more than able to come to you and ask.
Until then, look at me as a brother and we'll get along just fine.
I read and understood every word of yours. I did not talk to you like you were beneath me. Since when did I ever hint at me being above you, or, a title, or you not being able to navigate your spiritual life? For starters you have to take into careful consideration that unless you read my profile, you don't even know my office within the Church. When did I flaunt that in your face? You are acting like a guy from the hood who shows hates all Cops, regardless of the fact that he doesn't know of even a fraction of the Police Dept.! Would it be better if I changed my picture from me wearing my collar to something else like a blazer or a T-shirt? I don't care what happened in your past, you need to recognize that this disdain for Ministers and titles is more than childish, its ungodly. No time did I ever talk to you from my title, or anything, but thats all I ever receive from you.

The way you attack and lift up your guard without even taking one moment to consider what I said, it gives the full indication that you know little about being a brother to another in Christ other than those you are used to talking to. If you want to talk to me about equals, and being brothers, then lets take these crucial steps. Please note, these are universally appreciated, be it me, or anyone else:

-quit trying to have everyone see you as their equal. It will never happen. When you realize this, you will realize something great. Be quick to appreciate and learn from those greater than you, and be quick to appreciate & teach those lesser than you, but NEVER be quick to try to assert yourself as someone's equal.

-watch how you talk. When a person comes to you, it is not wise to react as if it was a severe attack against you. Sometimes its just our own perception of a matter, but not the actual truth.

-appreciate correction, because I as a stranger do it out of love, with no hidden agenda.

-appreciate advice, because I as a stranger do it out of love, with no hidden agenda.

-consider a counter-attack just as ungodly as the initial attack that you perceived dealt to you.

-get that "you-think-you're-good-because-of-a-title" stuff out of your mind QUICK! In all honesty, you really don't know how damaging it is. I had an attitude like that once, and thank GOD my mentor snapped it out of me quickly. I looked back at it, and it was actually embarrassing.

-you will reap what you sow, so be sure to always try to sow kindness, love, advice and stop sowing a negative attitude.

-respect the fact that I'm a Minister. Therefore, I have been through some experiences that you will someday soon experience. I don't care what you faced before, I PROMISE you that Ministry experiences and attacks are far worse. That doesn't make me better than you, that means that I have experience in areas that you have yet to enter into. You may never get a drop of advice from me, and thats fine. But be sure to know that you will get advice, and you will not always like the place you get it from. Recognize that Godly love from another brother doesn't exactly mean that you will hear what you want from them.

Now, it would be wise to simply re-read what I stated in the previous post, because its not what you think it was.
Mr. Demings,

Here lies another problem that puts you on the defense and attack mode:

But I won't take nothing for what I've been through because spiritually and mentally I am farther ahead than young people my age who grew up with me in the church.

I have no doubt that you are farther ahead than young people your age, but keep in mind, many of the members on this site are not your age, so there are some who are much farther along than you are in spiritual growth, and this does not necessarily make them the "a-typical church goers" as you tend to see many Christians. It appears that you do not like being advised by anyone other than the ones you accept advice from. With this attitude, you should not expect others to take advice from you as well. On the other hand taking on this attitude is truly not of God either.

I implore you Mr. Demings, to rethink how you respond to others and do not think we are all out to slam you in any way. I would like to think that we can learn some things from you as well, if it's shared with a calm and Christ-like attitude.

Proverbs 27:17 . . .Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

Shalom in Yeshua
I don't need to re-think anything.
You either like what I have to say or don't like it and choose not to respnd.
That's all I can tell you my sister!!!
Ok Bro. Demings,

I hear you loud and clear. If I understand you clearly, we should not attempt to tell you anything or advise you on anything.

When you post your comments, you are not looking for anyone to agree or disagree; you are simply making a statement. Am I correct?

If this is the case, then so be it. This means I should not attempt to directly reply to your comments to avoid any potential misunderstandings.

Peace in Jesus
There wouldn't be any misunderstandings if people looked at my postings and saw the message instead of looking at who it is coming from OR if people chose to ASK for understanding instead of assuming something about me because of who I was.
I've stated what I had to say and I will AGAIN not defend my posting. I know what ministry entails and it is not all the bull crap that I hear in this forum- believe that. My grandfather was not only a minister of the gospel but a well respected pastor in the community- family on both sides are in the ministry as well. So again, stop thinking I don't know what I am in or going to deal with. I may have not expected it to happen to me but I knew and now KNOW for sure it will happen.
I don't need your correction nor your advice. Unlike some people you being who you are doesn't give you a right to speak into my life. I was raised old school so I don't let everyone speak into my life- no matter who it is or what they have to say.
I don't understand why I am ALWAYS being accused of being some angry person but AGAIN refer to my posting I created, "Church Folk and Their Standards" and you have a blessed day my brother.
Oh and just to let you know (because I doubt anyone will tell you this) you yet have a nasty attitude that ever so often shows itself when you feel like you are not being respected and from your past its clearly understandable but unlike you I can overlook it. You can't help who you were but being a man of God you should be able to help you are now.
I guess one "angry" person knows another huh?
You people are funny. I'm glad I know who God is and who I am in God.
If I didn't I'd been done committed spiritual suicide lol!!!
By the way a bit off topic what do you do for a living?
What was the state that you were referring to, Trevor? Let's not forget that the Most High knows of what we need. Sometimes the separation creates longing and can be a source of re-awakening. Some never feel separate even though they are. It is better to know where you stand than to be stuck in confusion.



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