The Reality of "Down Low Living" The Black church and community.

What are your thoughts on this subject as it pertains to the message from the Brother in the video?

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Jesus the Christ is the Only answer, way,and truth
Amen, Jesus is the Only way. His message would be to those that are bound to repent and be set free not to continue.
So right newview, but I might add that all sin is Nasty.
Thats a 'Nasty' that gives me the chills.
I tell ya - thats some kinda Nasty.
I can certainly understand your point seeing that Down Low brothers are attracting diseases and infecting their wive's and girlfriends. This is where the Nasty really takes place in the fact that there is no warning or protection for the sisters.
Yeah. That is the height of hypocrisy.
LET ME KNOW that you into that kind of stuff so I can make a choice whether or not to marry you.
Or if it is too shameful (bless the heart of a man that still thinks its shameful) then dont tell me but move on down the road.

You know - they still say that homosexuality is a sin but they lump it together with misrepresenting your income on your taxes. Yeah they are all sin.
Or its like being angry too long with your next door neighbor. Yeah its sin.
But some sins will bring down a family or a town or a nation.
For me - some sins are bigger and badder...But thats me.
You have made a good point here, some sins can bring down whole families, towns and nations. Homosexuality and down low living is definitely one of them. Unfortunately, as you have said, the churches want to down play down low living as if someone forgot to close the door behind them and let a small draft into the room.

It is much more serious than that when you consider the consequences of this low down lifestyle.
The Brother is so right. Many churches avoid preaching/teaching about sexual sin; be it adultery, fornication and/or homosexuality. This is why so many members of the body of Christ are struggling in bondage to depression, addictions, and even suicidal tendencies. It is a "low down" shame that some churches will compromise the truth of God and the integrity of the church for monies given in tithes and offerings. That to me is a display of lust for money which is the root of many evils.
Yeah, sadly sister too many churches don't care about the sister getting and dying from aids as long as the music keeps playing and the money keeps coming in. Instead of ministering to these down low brothers they say nothing at all while they contract aids and die in their sins. This video really sheds some light on how the church should be looking at this problem.
Amen Min. Jackson. Too many hurting saints are sinking deeper into their pain and suffering and as a result, they are being hindered in their growth. If ALL acts of sin were not important, they would not be listed in the Bible in the first place. But God's word says in 2 Timothy 3:16-17. . .

"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof (to tell one what is wrong), for correction (to tell one how to correct wrong), for instruction in righteousness (to tell one how to live): That the man of God may be perfect (proficient, capable, having everything needed to do what God wants), thoroughly furnished (thoroughly equipped) unto all good works."


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