The Reality of "Down Low Living" The Black church and community.

What are your thoughts on this subject as it pertains to the message from the Brother in the video?

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I see this is one of those sore subjects in the body of Christ and rightfully so. Most of us either know someone personally or know someone who knows someone who practices this lifestyle in the church. I must say though that until we deal people can't heal. I mean deal as in praying these people through.
We had a gay music ministry leader for years until a couple of years ago when it was decided by the pastor and other officers of the church that having a gay person in leadership sets a very back example and it compromises the integrity of our church and its doctrine. So, they released him with severance pay, of course. He has since relocated to Germany. Unfortunately, our church still does not address sexual sin in its Bible Study or Sunday School classes.
Gay choir directors and musicians is usually the gateway. I find it rather strange that this is the case but your pastor made the right decision by asking him to step down. But what is the point if you don't address the persons problem because that only solved the churches problem but the brother was still left hangin without any counseling or help.
Yeah it is a sham brother. I think that starting a dialogue on a subject such as this might actually give courage to speak for those who want deliverance. Not all want to remain like this but for those that do it ain't much you can do but pray for them and relieve them from positions of leadership until their change comes.

As for more brothers not responding to this, I think fear of positive dialogue even for straight up brothers keeps them away. I guess somehow they may think they will get infected or affected by talking about it.
You know Anthony I was wondering the same thing but glad you said it first. I think we might be surprised at those that struggle with this issue. It's probably inward and that's where they want to keep it. But then again, maybe some don't respond because they are like those pastors who just don't won't to deal with the issue in hopes that it will just go away.

Unfortunately, those who are on the down low will feel empowered by the lack of concern for their lawless behavior and will continue on. Until this results in shame and repentance, we may just start to see a rash of brothers kicking the closet door down and declaring their low down behavior.


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