The European Union has its 1st full-time President, and he was placed in this position. There was no election, or parlimentary vote. He was placed into this position. This is the beginning of the rule of the Roman Empire via, The EU. If you look at the currency trends. The country with the global reserve is the riches country. The dollar has been the global currency reserve since 1913. America has been the richest and most powerful country. Now The Euro is emerging to be the global currency reserve. The EU will take the superpower lead, and the U.S. will be an ally along with Israel, and the countries of the West. There is tension between West and East led by Russia, who are allied with China, Iran, Lybia.
Everything is in place. The end is coming soon. A couple more prophesies have to come to pass, and the battle of Armageddon will be here. Check out this article.

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This is scripture right before your eyes, and you lay it no mind, and wonder why there is going to be gnashing of teeth..
I keep bumping these threads up because they are relevant to truth.. Most everybody on this network post the imagination of their own hearts, and not the Word of God.. Nobody cares for your opinions of the Word.. Post the scriptures of the Precept you are teaching if you are a real teacher.... This is for anybody who post their own thouts of the Word.. Here is the purpose of man: TO BECOME ONE BODY, AND ONE MIND CALLED ISRAEL , TO BE GODS IN JERUSALEM. SOME RULING WITH CHRIST, AND SOME TO ETERNAL DAMNATION..


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