Debate: a contention by words or arguments.

Contention: : a point advanced or maintained in a debate or argument

It is one thing for us to talk amongst each other or converse about different subjects, but I have seen more venom flying on this and other Christian networks than should be allowed. I know that we may not agree on all issues but the sin happens when we enter into debate and this displeases the Lord. In the scripture, debating is right next to MURDER. We must all repent, those of us who have participated in this DEBATING fashion. As shown in the scriptures below, debating is an unrighteous deed. Be ye angry and sin not. Let not the sun go down on your wrath.

Romans 1:29
Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,

2 Corinthians 12:20
For I fear, lest, when I come, I shall not find you such as I would, and that I shall be found unto you such as ye would not: lest there be debates, envyings, wraths, strifes, backbitings, whisperings, swellings, tumults:

Even though we may not know each other personally, I love all of you dearly and ask for forgiveness for entering into debate with anyone. Hopefully you will do the same and we can all speak according to the spirit when disagreements arise. (LET’S TONE IT DOWN A BIT, AND NOT GET SO PERSONAL ON THES ISSUES)

May God Bless you all.

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Well, brother, what does the bible say it is? Will you take man's word for it or will you accept what the bible says?
In any discussion, we know when our emotions are starting to flare and get out of hand. The Holy Spirit is here to guide us. But when we find ourselves constantly taking pot shots or undermining and belittling each other that is not of God. We can disagree on a subject such as how to address sin in the church or how one should handle a new convert with a problem, but when that disagreement flows into personal attacks against each other and not the subject at hand then it shows immaturity and lack of Spiritual guidance.

You may preach or teach the softer side of Jesus while another may preach or teach the harsher side, but that does not mean that the battle ground should open up. Personal shots and anguish amounts to bitterness and this is why the scripture warns us of debating. It leads to other things if gone unchecked. If you read through the initial discussion, we covered anger as well as debate and it's meaning. It is clear in the scripture that it is listed as an unrighteous act and we should reject it.

Pride comes in when one does not want to accept what the scripture says but would rather continue in a contentious manner. It is very important that pride is laid aside or maybe state our opinions and move on. Usually, in a debate both opinions or sides are already decided and one is not going to convert the other. At this point we should just walk away as not to be displeasing to the Lord.
We must always study to show ourselves approved a workman not to be ashamed, in the proper context debate is a sin when it becomes a kind of striving and opposing others in a situation where you ought to be cooperating and working with them.

Competing when you should be working as a team is destructive. Notice that the sin mentioned just before debate is the sin of murder. Murder is the taking of someone’s life, and debate is the opposing of someone’s life, becoming a roadblock to keep them from accomplishing what they otherwise would accomplish with their life, if it had not been for your debating and your striving and your opposing of them.

It is not the context of the constructive debates you speak of Bro. Watson, or the CONSTRUCTIVE debates that the majority have on this forum.
Fugett said: debate is the opposing of someone’s life, becoming a roadblock to keep them from accomplishing what they otherwise would accomplish with their life, if it had not been for your debating and your striving and your opposing of them.

This is exactly the point I've been trying to make for months. Double amen to that.
Satan uses our pride to keep us fighting each other

Exactly, my sister, Amen to your post as a whole
Min. Jenine,

I agree that we must reason together in these discussions. I used scriptural reference when referring to debate. Debate is defined as: a contention by words or arguments. The scripture never spoke of constructive debate or positive debate but coming together to reason with one another, yes. Reasoning however is different than debating in that one invokes positive discussion, understanding and mutual agreements, where as debating is just as the definition states, Arguing and contention.

Debating in the scripture is listed as an unrighteous deed and thus should be avoided. Pride as both you and Fugett Stated are tools of the Devil but is also a weapon used in defense of ones own views. Many times, we accuse one another of Pride when the other does not adhere to our views. This is why I stated that sometimes it's best to just walk away. Pride is a dangerous thing and as the scripture says, God hates a proud look and that Pride comes before a great fall. I don't consider someone to be full of pride if they don't agree with me, but rather that they have their opinion and I have mine.

We may both agree on what day of the week it is but may disagree as to whether or not it is a beautiful day. That does not make you Prideful. Now the problem comes in when we strive with one another on these views and there is really no actual reference point of right and wrong. Somethings are a matter of right and wrong, while others are simply a matter of opinion or choice.

Example: If I say Apple pie is the best and you say lemon pie is the best, what is the point of debating on whose right because this is an opinion from both sides. However, if you say it is a sin to lie and I say it is not then, clearly someone is wrong. This is where we make our statement, provide scripture or commentary and walk away. Trying to argue the point is useless if someone has a strong conviction as to what they feel the truth is. This is why, we as ministers of the gospel are to make sure that our teachings line up with God's word and not our own personal opinions.

I agree with your reasoning on how we treat one another in these discussions. We should not offend or bash each other, but should love one another. We know what the scripture says about offenses. Also, if someone is presented with scripture and they choose to reject it then they are not a lover of the truth. The scripture says that knowing the truth will set you free so essentially the opposite applies. If you don't know the truth, as it pertains to God's word, then you are not free.

Many times in the Body of Christ you will have many different opinions on various subjects, but the bottom line is that we must never lean to our own understanding but allow the Spirit of God to be a light unto our path and a lamp unto our feet. It becomes dangerous when our commentary strays away from the truth and becomes more reflective of our personal opinions and views. This is sometimes the very thing that stirs contentions when one tries to properly portray the word of God. Let's not try to re-write God's word but pray for a clear understanding. Pride is wrong, and so is debating.

So once again, let's not strive with one another and let's not lean to our own understanding.
Minister Jenine the KJV (King James Version) says DEBATE.

Debate, contention and Strife mean the same thing.

The Greek word for this passage is 2054 eris: A quarrel, wrangling: - contention, debate, strife, variance.

Webster's definition is:

Debate: a contention by words or arguments.

Contention: : a point advanced or maintained in a debate or argument

Strife: 1 a : bitter sometimes violent conflict or dissension b : an act of contention : fight, struggle


Again, this discussion wasn't started to challenge wits and spiritual brawn or to establish who's the toughest but to help us to tone down the arguments. I don't understand your approach in accusing me of changing the word to fit my own personal use.

You said: I see you have changed the word strife in Romans 1:29 to debate for your own personal use. And you changed the word contention in 2 Corinthians 12:20 to debate also.

Minister Jenine,
I would never change God's word to fit my own personal use. What would I personally have to gain by changing these words. This was meant to be a peace making post and not the furtherance of contention. I think you may have misunderstood something along the way, because if you read the discussion, it was more about forgiveness and unity than anything else.

Please forgive me if something wasn't made clear to you because I see that you somehow thought this was about stirring up strife rather than ending it.

You may follow the link below to see the KJV (King James Version) or simply refer to your KJV bible where you will find the word DEBATE, WHICH MEANS THE SAME AS CONTENTION AND STRIFE.

Jenine, I think the point of this post was not to argue. May I ask, why are you arguing? LOL.. Sister, you went to great lengths in searching thru 20 different translations to prove that the word debate wasn't in any of them. Only to prove that the word debate is in the Main translation as EW said. KJV. I don't think that this is a subject of right or wrong but getting along...Lightening up Sis.. Seems like everyone else is trying to have fun with this.
We don't replace words Minister Jenine, before you go down the road of accusing folks you need to get your facts straight. You can even google it and find it in the King James Version. Did you even click on the link above? Why are you doing a drive by on this post? LOL, It was meant to be something positive.

I don't know Min. Jenine? I checked my KJV bible and it does say debate. I can offer you a slice of Humble Pie if you'd like..LOL

Just keeping with the humorous flow to some of the comments posted here. All in love sis.
KJV translations does sometimes not reflect the correct wording, we all know that, It is very important that we study not just read to show ourselves approved.

Jesus opposed the men that were going to stone the woman caught in adultery. His opposition came in words written in the sand.

Context is so very important, Now when one feels that they have gone to far and are convicted by the Holy Spirit to repent, then that ONE is in sin and does right by repenting.
You are right Evangelist, but I might add that many of the translations use the wrong wording. KJV is one of the oldest translations. Debate is definitely in there.

I think the bottom line though is that the word debate which is in dispute here means the same thing as it does in all of the translations. Point being we should not have contentious arguments. Just in looking through this discussion I saw that some got the point while others didn't but that just shows that we are all human.

Personally, I liked the humor that was coming thru.


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