It has been several months since the pandemic transformed our lives. Over the last few months, it has been the small things, which have seen me through this transition.
One of the rooms we needed to be painted is done. A dear friend came from a couple of hours away to do the job. His wife came, and we were able to have a good time of fellowship.

I have been working in the yard to start the “weed” clean up. We have enjoyed the antics of the chipmunk that I have named Charlie. George has reappeared. He is the groundhog. I decided upon annuals for the urns in front of the house. I picked up some autumn colored pansies. I had an overabundance, so I gave some to my neighbor.

Pipes needed fixing, done as I type this blog. The other bedrooms are coming together. We have connected our garage door opener to our car.

It has been the small things during this time of pandemic to keep me moving toward my goals. I read an article on habits. There are some I need to change during this pandemic. Why? They don’t fit any longer. We have never had a garage. Yesterday, we forgot to close the door behind us as we left for church. Thankfully we live in a small and safe neighborhood. We need to remember to close the garage door behind us. A new habit is forming.

I have the opportunity to form new friendships with our new neighbors. Several have stopped by to introduce themselves. We, in turn, have tried to meet others while we walk. Some are amiable; others are not ready for the change. We are taking at a slower pace.

Throughout these months, which have come and gone, I have seen the Lord’s hand in each situation. There is a freedom to release old habits to form new ones for the new time. His grace has been sufficient for the move as well as settling into a new home.

Another small thing – the trees are turning beautiful colors this year. They are just not turning brown. I want to encourage you to think back over the last few months to look for the little or small things, which have transformed your thinking or even actions. Transformation happens in all seasons and at all times. I would love to hear from you!

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