What does prosperity mean to the Body of Christ.  Does it has any place in teaching, is it

for the body, should it be taught or should it be ignored.  What is biblical prosperity?

What does the bible has to say about this topic?

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Pastor Sweet,


What I find difficult to fathom in all of your replies is the dearth of love and the abundance of condescension. It is not necessary to have a seminary degree to preach the Gospel and you certainly will not receive a revelation of God from a textbook.


The Good News extends beyond the promised seed. It is that the promised seed is the title deed to all God's promises in the life of the believer. 


You may not believe in the prosperity of God's servants but I not only believe, but am a poster-child for the blessing of God. You may not believe in healing but I not only believe, but have witnessed folks healed from broken bones, cancer, and more.


What I'm saying is, just because it doesn't work for you, don't shipwreck the faith of others! Your job as a Pastor is to equip and edify -- whether it is those in the flock you are appointed to keep or any others!


Show a little love, my Brother! People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.


That said, I LOVE YOU!!!


- Bishop Day

My dear Bishop Day,

I am sorry that you are having difficulties understanding me! It could be that the problem is that false teaching is in our way! You are right it is not necessary to have a degree to preach the Gospel, yet it does help one to get a handle on the whole of Scripture. With that let me say that:

First I love the truth of God’s Word, and because of that I contend for the Faith (Jude 3). Your approach to this is that of a postmodern… you write “What I'm saying is, just because it doesn't work for you; don't shipwreck the faith of others! Your” Meaning whatever work for you must be right! My problem with that approach is that it is not true to the Biblical text. Having an understanding of Hermeneutics, Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology or Historical Theology is not a bad thing it assist us in comprehending the Perspicuity of Scripture. You may put me down for my education all you like but the fact remains the Prosperity gospel is no gospel at all!

Second you write “Your job as a Pastor is to equip and edify -- whether it is those in the flock you are appointed to keep or any others!

Brother I take that job seriously….It is why I study the Bible in its historical, grammatical, literal meaning. Thus my love for truth causes me to read and study exegetically! I want all I come into contact with to know that Jesus is the Messiah and that His second coming can happen at any time (Clearly not last Saturday…at 6:00pm) so I teach the whole truth and nothing but the truth! That is why I went to Bible College and now Seminary in order to teach well the truth of the Word.

The seed is Jesus and only Jesus…read Genesis 3:15. I do agree that God blesses his people but I do not teach nor have I read that it means that prosperity is the blessing!

That said, I love you too my brother

Pastor Sweet

Greeting Pastor Sweet,


Having an understanding of Hermeneutics, Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology or Historical Theology is not a bad thing it assist us in comprehending the Perspicuity of Scripture.... Its all good, I can respect that and sincerely do. Education is one of the greatest thing anyone can have.


I have not been chatting in a while but I have not said prosperity is the blessing. Prosperity is a result of the blessing on your your life.


I went to bible college. But you have to hear the voice of God.


In Christ

Dear Bishop!

My wife and I bring you greetings.  I must say that you have hung around this same topic now for a year.  I am surprised.  These guys you are taking dear time to persuade on healing and prosperity is futile. The Kingdom of God is a faith based system, and that is all. If they chose not to believe, then they will get what they believe.  There are many who know nothing of your truths and are hungry to get it.  The blessing is to everyone, but only on the believer. Prosperity has laws that governs it. When they are obeyed the blessing follows. Prosperity is covered by the blood of Jesus and guaranteed by the master himself. You are spot on where your teachings are concerned.  A degree comes from learning from a teacher, and there are many out there.  Once you pass there course you are awarded a certificate of learning. However learning never stops. Don't get pulled in by all this pontificating. No one is helped from it.  While you are pontificating people are dying to get what you have to bless the world.  It bugs me to see so many try to talk you out of the blessing when they represent the cross that provides this very thing they are objecting to. You are an answer to problems that have arrived in your generation, and you only have a small window to get it done.


Blessing and honour my friend be to you.


Paul of Kingdom Time Ministries

Greetings Pastor Sweet,


That promised seed was more than just soul salvation.  The man thats in poverty. I tell him what the bible says concerning poverty. Poverty is a curse. You can be delivered from it. And then we talk bible.


In Christ

Where can one find in the Bible that poverty is a curse? I have never read that verse or I don't know which one you have in mind!
2 Corinthians 8:9  
For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich.
I think you miss the point of this verse! The context informs you that From the splendor of heaven Jesus came to squalor of earth. Jesus whom had everything, became poor for the sake of mankind (Phil2:7)
No, sir, I think you miss the point. Far too many preachers and teachers of the Word have tiptoed around these verses to justify the sickness, lack, and poverty around them and absolve themselves of any responsibility for doing anything about it. Now, I doubt seriously that this is the case with you but I cannot speak for your base of instructors...

Greetings Pastor Sweet,


I am beginning to see that your point of veiw is convient when you want it to be.  Its ok.

Genesis 3rd chapter Adam was tossed out of the Garden where there was plenty.

To a place where there was lack and he had to make it happen. You know any time we choose our way instead of God 's way we walk into a curse.


As a result of disobedience we see poverty, sickness and death. Genesis 3: 17-19.

There is the implied word and the expressed word. Some things are implied and some things are expressed.


In Christ

The fact is, we don't choose him, and wouldn't if we could, we as sinners would never choose God,we are dead in sins,dead people cannot make choices..no more than Lazarus chose to come back to life..that story of Lazarus is a perfect picture of salvation..Lazarus had nothing to do with it..It was all the work of Jesus..


Hi Pastor Philip. It is my pleasure to say from the heart of God that prosperity is the heritage of the children of God. God said to His children, "...be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over ..." Gen 1:28. Jesus never lived a life of poverty but a life of humility. Poor in heart as He taught in Matt 5 portrayed humility and not poverty. Poverty is never the portion of the children of God. People are poor in the church today because the church does not play her roll. Prosperity or poverty has nothing to do with big or small faith but a problem of ignorant, neglect and believe. Some people have taken prosperity to be a snare of the devil, God forbid. I told a man of God that accute poverty is in the mind, and this has been the problem of many. We must save ourselves from ignorauce and negligency that have enslaves us with poverty. Some people looks around to see the evidence of properity on me when they hear me preach, but I always tell them that it all starts in the heart or mind, secondly that I am under trainning. I know that the world will hear of me in due time. Poverty is not my portion in Jesus name. I will serve my prosperous God in prosperity. Pastor Jerry C. O.


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