I have been reading these threads for the last 3 months, and when Hezekiah, Pharoah, Zealot X, and Ozell, James, and Ecclesiastes 12:13 all come on the scene, they brought some info I was not aware of. They also make a lot of sense. All of their points come right out of the Bible, and I can read it, and understand it. When the people who fight with them come on, like Anthony Luckett, Anthony Watson, Trevor, Chaplin Harris, New View, and others come on, they make less sense to me. When they explain their positions, you have to believe what they say is true when they interpret the scriptures because you can't tell what they are talking about just by reading the scriptures. Hezekiah doesn't even put and explanation on half of his posts, but when I read what he posts, I understand what he is saying because he is going by the scriptures, Then when he posted that 2 Peter or 1 Peter, where it said there was not private interpretation of the scriptures. That let me know that people have to interpret it because they don't know the scriptures, and also they want you to have to come to them to hear the word, instead of learning it by reading the word. I think that the so called Israelites seem more Christian then the Christians themselves. They go by the Bible more than you, and you are suppose to know the scriptures. I believe that what the Sunday Christians as Hezekiah would call them all post is what you think, and not what the Bible says.. I would rather learn with the so-called Israelites because they won't look down on me for not knowing. They will help me learn, and love me like the Bible says, by keeping the commandments. Keep posting that scripture fellas. I am writting it down, so I can start teaching my Youth ministry the real word of God. I just got out of Prison, 7 months ago, so I don't know a lot about the Bible because I learned theological studies in Prison. Keep posting Israelite guys, People are watching and learning from you, and I am personally cheering you on..

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I am glad that people are seeing the word of God for what it is. Brother, it is not us who hold the key, it is in everyone of us to be able to line up scriptures, and read to get understanding. The thing is to believe what you read, and repent, and the Lord gives the increase. You hang in there Brother.
Lets get a few things clear Marcus so that all is laid out before you:


- WELCOME HOME, MY BROTHER! (I've been there too, and know what its like. You know what I mean.....)

- One of the main reasons why many of the things seem confusing is simply because the baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT is required for proper revelation of the scriptures. If it wasn't, then EVERYONE on Earth would be able to understand what it says. A question has to be asked to you, that I'm very sure that Hezekiah, Pharoah, Zealot X, and Ozell, James, and Ecclesiastes 12:13 never did and never will ask you: Have you received the HOLY GHOST since you believed? This is the start of your salvation life and the revelations of GOD, not just opening and seeing the words. The reason why they wouldn't ask you that like the Apostle Paul asked some men that is simple: one believes that the HOLY SPIRIT is Gabriel the angel, and a few of the rest doubt that JESUS is not GOD. Ask them which one believes what.....

- The Bible is not to be a tool for a race war between blacks and whites, so don't make it so. To even try that would lower you to the levels of the KKK and satan himself. The LORD is not saving any one tribe, culture, language or anything like that.

- You said you received your Doctorate. Thats great! Go and read John 3, and see what was said to a man that was a Doctor of the Jewish law. JESUS was asking him questions that a doctor in the Word should have understood, but the man didn't understand because he didn't have the revelations. The Jewish mindset, as well as almost every other mindset, says that GOD is saving my people only. The even sadder mindset says that if GOD doesn't speak in particular about my people, then GOD doesn't care about me. This is the hurt that drew many to start claiming "JESUS was black" and "the Israelites are black".

- You spoke to Bro Watson about that love stuff not working. What you didn't realize is that Apostle Paul said the GREATEST of all gifts is love. Love is your most powerful weapon, not threats of the Lake of Fire, not a gun, not anything else but the LOVE OF GOD (John 3:16; 1st John 3:16)

- If you want to truly understand what we are talking about, then don't sit on the sidelines comparing. Ask us directly, bluntly and boldly. We are MORE than happy to answer ANY question thrown at us, and I stand confident that if one doesn't know the answer, the other does.

Give us that shot. Talk with me directly ans you'll see for sure what we and the Bible is talking about.......

Its been a while - but God bless you. Thank you for your defense of the Gospel and the the Holy Spirit which brings DEAD LETTERS to Life.

I love what you have posted above. God bless.
Thanks, and nice shows! LOL
I truly thank God for you Bro. Trevor and others like you.

You have the love of God, the humbleness of Jesus, the patience of Job and the tolerance and teaching skills of the Apostle Paul. You have the gift of being able to reach people on all different levels. You truly have a shepherd's heart.

God bless you and keep you and your family.

P.S. You have a great sense of humor, too :-)
You have to laugh when dealing with Ministry! If you cant enjoy the mission that GOD gave you, then you might as well quit, for "GOD love a cheerful giver".

I thank you for all the words, but one stands out to me: Patience like Job? Pray for that one a bit more.....
My dear Trevor,

Let me offer you some correction on your post. I know that you have an urge to defend your beliefs, but let me shine a little bit more truth on what you're trying to put out there.

1) There is no "holy ghost" in the scriptures. Do a search for that combination of words and you will not find it. That is because the entire idea of G-d was not what Christians teach. You really do not understand even the "holy spirit", the ruach hakodesh, that the gospels speak of and so it has become something that makes Christians do crazy gestures in church rather than what leads people into all truth. Read in the Scriptures how the spirit of YHWH fell upon people. It is very easy to say "We have the spirit" but what do you believe that wasn't taught to you by men? I was led against what I was taught by men because of what I was taught by the spirit. And this is why I can testify that the spirit does in fact lead us into all truth. But if you're too busy listening to and believing men, you will not hear it and it cannot help you. And I find it ironic that #1 you involve my name "Zealot X" and try to work in things that I and most other Israelites do not believe and never stated (ex: the holy spirit is Gabriel? No).

You are attempting to discredit men instead of discrediting the message of Yeshua about the keeping of the law of YHWH. Yeshua was clearly a teacher of the law and this is why Marcus understood us to be more "Christian" than supposed Christians on this site who do not teach what the Messiah taught. As far as Yeshua being G-d, what did Yeshua actually say? Did he not call his Father the "only true G-d" in John 17? If the Father is the only true G-d then no one else can be. If someone else is then he is not the "only true G-d". This is really not rocket science but when you are deceived then the complexities of the trinity (ex: the idea that 3 people can share 1 position when this idea is found no where in Scripture) cause even those who invented the theory to say that it is a mystery. And no claims of having the "holy ghost" or "revelation of G-d" has ever kept this belief outside of the realm of mystery. In fact, to paraphrase the Catholic church whose theory this is, and who you are following when you believe it, to say that it isn't a mystery is to deny the trinity. Don't believe me? You shouldn't. Go read. Catholic encyclopdia. Trinity. Section 4.

2) You are under the mistaken impression that all Israelites are racists or involved in some kind of race war. That is incorrect. It's not out of left field. Sure. But you have mislabeled and mischaracterized us based on a the behavior of "crazy dudes on youtube" (ISUPK cults). That is not Israelite theology. That is racist mentality which is personal to them. Were you to visit the congregations I was part of you would understand. But it would be dishonest for you to insinuate in any way that Israelites are racist and that he would have to agree with extremism and racial hatred in order to be influenced by us towards righteousness. Not only does this bear so much false witness against us and myself in particular since I love all people, but you are making yourself more like that which you are trying to warn about. In my opinion you should never have to lie about me in order to "protec the truth". That not only ironic but deceptive.

3) This "Jewish mindset" you speak of is basically a racial stereotype. Yeshua was a "Jew" himself if you want to call him that. He and his disciples do not suddenly become non-Israelites just because you want to label them Christians. If you read the scriptures YHWH is no respecter of persons and consistently chooses the RIGHTEOUS. And if you are implying that I (since you named me personally above) believe in salvation for "my people only" then you are operating under a grave and unfortunate error. Yisra'el is a commonwealth. In the scriptures the ONLY prophecy regarding a "new covenant" was made with the house of Israel. You cannot get around that. However, anyone from any nation can be adopted into Israel. YHWH called Israel his son. This is the only NATION (corporate unit) that he has known of all the families of the earth. But it isn't limited to the sons of Jacob. Indeed, there are probably many that are drawn to the identity. However, I was perfectly fine when I thought Yeshua was white with nazi blond hair and blue eyes. As far as I was concerned he could have been purple with yellow polka dots. There are even white people who know that Yeshua and the Israelites were black. You're going quite a long way to throw stones at Israelites. One might even say you sound desperate.

You spend the majority of your post dealing with inaccuracies and fictional ad hominems used as tools to assassinate the character of Israelites to scare and intimidate this man out of listening to us and listening to you because "you're safe". But this is the same programmed cultish mentality that has kept us in the same tunnel vision for years, not asking certain questions or challenging what we've been taught by men because people are made to be afraid of going to hell and being compared to satan and made into heretics. If there are people on the sidelines watching us then all you should have to worry about is dealing with the scriptures and teachings we are showing you. He's listening to both of us. That may be a problem for you but that's not his problem.


I would be greatful to help you brother. Any questions...post them or email me.
Hahah!..... So, James not only have you guys just about taken over this 'former' Christian website with the Old Covenant but he can also email you?...this Forum is not enough?

Oh James.

Zealot X, it would be way too easy to respond to your post, ESPECIALLY the part about the HOLY GHOST and the talk on the Black Israelites! Those are comical! Nevertheless, I'm not here for competition with you, I'm here to speak to and address Marcus......

Marcus, like I said, you have plenty of questions, we have plenty of answers. You may not like all the answers given, but the Bible is not about preference and comfort, but about the Truth of GOD's Word. Whenever you're ready, contactme, or anyone else. BUT MAKE SURE YOU PRAY AND READ THE BIBLE FOR YOURSELF AS WELL!! And when you pray, let GOD answer, and not you answer the question yourself.
I concur with Bro Watson
And, Bro. Trevor, the advice you gave Bro. Marcus was very good. I hope he will take heed allow God to direct his path as to who should mentor him.

Blessings to you Bro. Watson, Bro. Trevor and Bro. Marcus


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