I have been reading these threads for the last 3 months, and when Hezekiah, Pharoah, Zealot X, and Ozell, James, and Ecclesiastes 12:13 all come on the scene, they brought some info I was not aware of. They also make a lot of sense. All of their points come right out of the Bible, and I can read it, and understand it. When the people who fight with them come on, like Anthony Luckett, Anthony Watson, Trevor, Chaplin Harris, New View, and others come on, they make less sense to me. When they explain their positions, you have to believe what they say is true when they interpret the scriptures because you can't tell what they are talking about just by reading the scriptures. Hezekiah doesn't even put and explanation on half of his posts, but when I read what he posts, I understand what he is saying because he is going by the scriptures, Then when he posted that 2 Peter or 1 Peter, where it said there was not private interpretation of the scriptures. That let me know that people have to interpret it because they don't know the scriptures, and also they want you to have to come to them to hear the word, instead of learning it by reading the word. I think that the so called Israelites seem more Christian then the Christians themselves. They go by the Bible more than you, and you are suppose to know the scriptures. I believe that what the Sunday Christians as Hezekiah would call them all post is what you think, and not what the Bible says.. I would rather learn with the so-called Israelites because they won't look down on me for not knowing. They will help me learn, and love me like the Bible says, by keeping the commandments. Keep posting that scripture fellas. I am writting it down, so I can start teaching my Youth ministry the real word of God. I just got out of Prison, 7 months ago, so I don't know a lot about the Bible because I learned theological studies in Prison. Keep posting Israelite guys, People are watching and learning from you, and I am personally cheering you on..

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I don't know about you guys but I'm still waiting on Mr. Watson to apologize for mischaracterizing the Israelites on this forum based on members of an entirely different sect that none of us belong to. Pharisees, Sadducees, Nazarenes, Essenes, they were all ISRAELITES. How is it that you can deceive people into thinking that one is the same as the other just because the other is easier to deal with?

1) I do not dress up like a power ranger
2) I do not have the same beliefs they do
3) I do not even call the Father by the same name they do
4) I do not have the same belief about Europeans that they do
5) I do not believe the same thing about the messiah they do
6) I don't even share the same language as they do

I could probably go on. What we have in common is that we're the same nationality. They believe that Anthony Watson is the same nationality too but doesn't know it. So does that make them the same as Mr. Watson? Of course not. So why the silliness? Why the deception? Why treat us not according to the content of our individual characters but with racism based on what other Israelites say and do?

Until we get past this sort of pettiness we will not be able to communicate in a mature manner.

And Anthony.... I have never disrespected you, called you names, accused you of being a mason, etc. Therefore, I would like an apology for trying to connect me with these clowns on youtube. You can send me a private message if you prefer or apologize in public as you post these videos publicly. Whatever quarrel you may have with Hezekiah I assure you that it has nothing to do with me. Thanks.

Shalom and Yah bless
Wait, did he say: "1) I do not dress up like a power ranger"??!?!?


Thats hard to tell with your pic!! LOL!!!!!!!!

Truly your avatar is closer to a 'power ranger' than their Egyptian/18th century Russian Kassock garb. LOL!

But is is good to know that you would not want to be held in the same category as the Hebrew Israelites.
These israelites kids like the fiction.

They dress up as star trek and have power rangers as their avatars
Slander and more slander. The Lord said that the Saints would suffer persecution and affliction, and mockery.
Go to the ethiopian thread and tell me you guys arent the ones doing the persecution.
No we are teaching the truth. Let me ask you a question Zoey. Can you get 3 days and 3 nights from Good Friday Evening to Easter Sunday Morning?
That is not the truth. You guys are preaching hate.

Your "brother" is in there crying about slavery and calling people the Nword over there. The very fact that your cult is even attractive to people like that(and the jailbirds that makes those videos on the street dressed like star wars) drectly says there is a problem. You guys are so caught up in scripture you do not even see you have the worst group of people in your group.
Can you get 3 days and 3 nights from Good Friday Evening to Easter Sunday Morning?
Can you give scriptures to a group of people who cannot sustain a written language?
Can you get 3 days and 3 nights from Good Friday Evening to Easter Sunday Morning?
Look how all of your posts went from talking Bible to slander of the name of Israel. That is God's name you are slandering. He gave Israel that name.


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