I have been reading these threads for the last 3 months, and when Hezekiah, Pharoah, Zealot X, and Ozell, James, and Ecclesiastes 12:13 all come on the scene, they brought some info I was not aware of. They also make a lot of sense. All of their points come right out of the Bible, and I can read it, and understand it. When the people who fight with them come on, like Anthony Luckett, Anthony Watson, Trevor, Chaplin Harris, New View, and others come on, they make less sense to me. When they explain their positions, you have to believe what they say is true when they interpret the scriptures because you can't tell what they are talking about just by reading the scriptures. Hezekiah doesn't even put and explanation on half of his posts, but when I read what he posts, I understand what he is saying because he is going by the scriptures, Then when he posted that 2 Peter or 1 Peter, where it said there was not private interpretation of the scriptures. That let me know that people have to interpret it because they don't know the scriptures, and also they want you to have to come to them to hear the word, instead of learning it by reading the word. I think that the so called Israelites seem more Christian then the Christians themselves. They go by the Bible more than you, and you are suppose to know the scriptures. I believe that what the Sunday Christians as Hezekiah would call them all post is what you think, and not what the Bible says.. I would rather learn with the so-called Israelites because they won't look down on me for not knowing. They will help me learn, and love me like the Bible says, by keeping the commandments. Keep posting that scripture fellas. I am writting it down, so I can start teaching my Youth ministry the real word of God. I just got out of Prison, 7 months ago, so I don't know a lot about the Bible because I learned theological studies in Prison. Keep posting Israelite guys, People are watching and learning from you, and I am personally cheering you on..

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Teach you what?
If any of yall go back and read the entire thread, you will see that the people who go to church on Sunday don't ever make any sense. Any real sense. They even go so far as to change the subject, and even call folks names. I don't see why they just don't see that we have been lied to for our whole lives. We been lied to by our Mommas with Christmas since I could remember. We done been lied to about Sunday worship. We post to do it on Saturday. Jesus dying on Wednesday right before sundown and rising Saturday right before sundown makes more sense than Jesus dying on Good Friday and rising Easter Sunday. Worshiping on Sunday is sun worship. I researched it. I didn't believe it either, but it is true. I just can't believe all of this stuff I have been taught all my life is wrong. There aint no 7 year tribulation. There aint no rapture. There aint no goin' to Heaven. What is really carzy is that the whole world is following a bunch of lies without even knowing it. That makes me feel scared and sick to my stomach. I have to pinch myself sometimes because I can't believe all the stuff I learned. Keep doing what yall doin' all the real Christians. I do the Saturday lesson on the Israel of God site cause I like Buie. He more my speed than Daniel. Holla at ya Boi. L-Wood.
Big ups Brother. I am glad you can see the word. Yeah man, traditions run deep with Protestants, Orthodox, and Catholics. If we were in person, they would probably try to fight us or worse. Good thing we are just on the internet, but a time will come when it will be given in their hand to wear out the Saints, and prevail against them. Only for a time, 3.5 years. Just keep practicing keeping the commandments, and the Lord will give the increase, by the mouth of the Holy Ghost.

Peace be unto you, in Jesus name.
"...If we were in person, they would probably try to fight us or worse. Good thing we are just on the internet, but a time will come when it will be given in their hand to wear out the Saints, and prevail against them..."

Dont be so dramatic.
If you want to die a martyr - take your doctrine to the Storm Front groups out in Idaho or better yet - share your faith with the lost in western Pakistan.
Why do you care if you don't want to answer my questions?
Thanks Brotha. Digg, I appreciate yall man. I'm glad I got on this site man. Yall doin' a good thang. I hope yall can get this info to the hood, and to the poor. They the ones who need to hear this stuff. man. Thanks again Bra.
Listen. Don't thank me. First thank God in Jesus name for taking the deep sleep from your eyes, and giving the increase, Thank yourself for listening, and thank yourself for making a change. Now you got to fight the good fight and make your election sure. I'll be sending you audio lesson. I seen on another thread you were looking for some. It doesn't matter who you deal with as far as teachers are concerned, just make sure they are the right ones.
Oh my, what is this? As I read these comments, I thought of an incident I happened up on some years ago in my hometown of Memphis, TN. There were a group of young black people and a group of young white people, at what appeared to be a car accident. As I approached with caution to see if anyone needed help, both groups were screaming and fighting and cursing loudly. Because I was black and was slowing down to offer assistance not knowing they were at blows, the white people cursed me and the blacks approached me as if I was going to be their help. I drove away of course, and stopped at a pay phone (cells were not out) and called the police praying that no one was killed or seriously injured over a thing, a “car”. My point, I hadn’t a clue which group was in the wrong because they were both completely enraged and out of line—they looked and sounded like violent idiots!

When I read your blogs both accusing one another, calling each other names, posting YouTube videos to discredit the other, even if you claim you just posted it as an example, it was in retaliation, it seems crazy. Here both groups are suppose to be men and women of God, this God of love and wisdom and knowledge, who in His word says quickly agree with your adversary to avoid mess like this and what happened with the car wreck! My point, the only truth is God’s truth. What have any of this accomplished except greater division? You may have wisdom and knowledge, but God’s word is what it is, and it is the only Truth, and He is the only Truth authority. He says we can ask? So why not suggest to Marcus to ask Father for counsel himself?

As you accuse one another and fight over something neither of you are authorities on, as we are all working out our salvation and seeking Father--hopefully, and studying and allowing Him to us-- it just looks foolish. Here is a babe in Christ and what message do you send? Listen, this isn’t even about Marcus, this is about each of you wanting to be right and fighting some doctrinal war. A hit and a miss! There are so many religions around, and by both of your examples, none are perfect! Each found something to discredit the other, and both can explain that they don’t represent the true this or that! But please—the problem is man has put his two cent in it! Every time man disagrees he breaks from the group and forms his own following or group which is why there are so many religions, with a differ here and a different believe there, and it’s crazy, because we need to seek and trust God!

God is Truth and those that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and Truth. God is Love, and love is not weak or watered down, His word says Love conquers all. Not this worldly “wishy-washy” love man’s cheap undependable love, but God’s Un failing Love. Anyone operating in His love has power and it does not fail, because God does not fail! Doctrinal wars have been around since man sinned. It will be around until Jesus returns and every knee bow! We already know this, so why are we fighting? The word tells us that MANY will stand before God and claim to have done great things in His name, and He will tell them He does not know them. Many suggest a lot of error! So Trust not man, but Trust God. He looks on the heart of man, and when a sheep is ready for the Sheppard, He is faithful to care for His sheep, because God can do anything!

One thing about Father is that He will deliver. If Marcus has a broken and contrite spirit and truly seeks Father with a sincere heart, hungry and thirsty, not caught up in religious stuff or trying to find a place to belong or fit, or feel like he is accepted or not judged because of his past, Father is faithful to answer and deliver. I say this for I do prison ministry and I have lost 5 brothers two of which were habitual criminals and walked in jail house Christianity or Islam, which ever one gave them a since of worth. When a man is incarcerated and his rights completely violated, it is important to him to belong somewhere and be accepted and treated like a man, and religion is a great starting point. But it’s the wrong motive, the motive has to be, I believe God, I need Him, I love Him, and I trust Him! I want Him to direct my path, and govern my life. When we get to this point with that broken and contrite spirit, I don’t care who you are, if you are using the word of God, and someone with this fertile soil (heart) is ready to receive, Father will make certain they are fed. Which of you denies this?

Yes, He uses man, but how many men (women) truly allow Father to use them! We are an evil and self seeking people, that’s just the way it is. It is only when we truly accept Father that we are able to operate in Love. His word tells me that if any man lacks wisdom ask! He said Father will freely give it. He tells us in all our getting get understanding. Even the disciples had to ask for clarification and understanding as Jesus taught.

The word tells me that Jesus promised us a comforter which is the Holy Spirit that will teach us. While many people have their own understanding and interpretation, I base my walk on seeking Father’s face. I have personally experienced the Holy Spirit and no one will be able to take this away from, I praise Father for His amazing power. Yes I listen to man when they are sharing the word of God and I pray before I go to feast on the word and after I leave that I might be fed. If I go and the word is not being rightly divided, my spirit will not rest and I will have to depart. Sometimes my spirit may not be on point or I don’t have the knowledge base to be certain of what was said, but I have Father and I ask Him to reveal the truth. I wait on Him, and He will reveal the truth to me. I study and re-read not with my own understanding (lean not to your own understanding), but in prayer asking the Holy Spirit to teach me.

Ask God, and Trust God. We should not be fighting over God’s word. “There is a way that seems right to man!” So we all can make mistakes. Note the word says “seems right to MAN”, because we get so self righteous and cocky, but we could be completely off the mark. This is why we must walk in humility and seek Father for Truth. You all should not be fighting like this it’s against the word of God. To defend His word is not to fight over it, it is to be obedient to it, starting with quickly agree with your adversary. It starts with not offending your brother. Check the scriptures, when the gentiles and the Jews differed because of the law, Jesus said don’t offend, eat what your brother serves.

I read Marcus saying how hard it was for him to keep the law, show him in the word that even Paul couldn’t keep the law, (that which I know to do, I don’t do, that which I know not to do I do: evil is ever present) this is why Jesus came to sacrifice for our messed up selves. Without the Holy Spirit we can’t keep it! It’s in his word. The Jews read the law, but they didn’t even keep it, for this war between flesh and spirit is major. This is why we must walk in the spirit and not the flesh. This takes staying before God, with our hearts. You see the mind can mess you up, it is the chamber that feeds the heart (be careful what your mind eats) and God looks on the heart of man. Our minds think and do all kind of mess. “Be angry but sin not!” The mind is a mess, so He tells us we will mess up in the mind, but cast down the evil imaginations so we don’t fall in sin. Tell Marcus that the more word he eats and walks in obedience to, the stronger he will become, but He must ask the Holy Spirit to govern his mind and teach Him.

Brothers and sisters, why not simply trust God, let God lead Marcus. Pray for Him and each other, don’t let him get caught up as he is. You all have allowed him to stir you up innocently I might add. He’s excited about the learning whatever his motive is. So to him one looks better than the other, and he cheers this one on and puts this one down, what are you teaching him? If you share with him, share with him how his motive, his heart and mind must be turned to God and how he must honestly seek Father not man, for man lies and errors and Father can not lie and makes not mistakes! Pray for Marcus and each other. It’s time out for all this in fighting and time in for everyone seeking the Truth. When you all get through fighting, Father’s Kingdom will still come, and His will, will be done, will Marcus be confused or damaged by poor examples of walking in the power of Father? Will he join the fight not certain which side he will punch? Don’t miss it, while you are fighting on BPN the harvest which is plentiful suffers!

Love thine enemy and pray for those who misuse you! Operate in Powerful Love. Peace be still, let God be God, He doesn’t need little gods running around fighting. Don’t let us have to cut the baby in half to get to the truth!

Blessing to each of you for I have shared and broken bread with each of you, and have been blessed from each of you. I love you with Agape love and care for your souls and that of Marcus. Trust God! I don’t always agree with what everyone says, but when my spirit hears the truth regardless of from where it originated I am blessed. But we all have to work out our own salvation, and while we might be at different points in our walks, if our minds, hearts and eyes are on the mark for this higher calling in Christ Jesus, we will arrive together at different times. Trust God, He already told you His ways are not like ours, so we are not there, we have not arrived! Blessings, Evangelist regi


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