The subject of tithing has long been a subject of much controversy and debate among church folks. And some years ago I took to the debate by searching God's word and His heart. Here's my conclusion: Tithing is no longer applicable for new covenant believers; it is not a practice that pastors and leaders should be teaching (and compelling through fear) their folks. Period.

Now this doesn't excuse folks from giving to support God's work through the local ministry or the support needed to sustain the pastor as he/she does his part to pastor a church and teach God's people His word, but we, as pastors and leaders, need to teach the Truth and learn to trust God.

What are your thoughts? Share your understanding.

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I agree that the tithing laws are no longer applicable today, because the tithing laws were a part of the Old Covenant, and the Old Covenant (according to Scripture) is no longer in effect because it was rendered obsolete by God at the Cross. We are under the New Covenant today -- not the Old Covenant and its stipulations.

Also, the tithing laws are not able to be practiced today because they required 1. the Levitical priests and their Levite-assistants. 2. A tenth of the crops, herds, and flocks within the borders of Israel 3. the Old Covenant temple

Jesus, the apostles, and the first assemblies exemplified a level of giving that far-surpasses and outperforms Old Covenant tithing. Cheerful giving (by faith working through love) is what God desires today.

The modern concept of monetary "tithing" taught in some churches today is an unbiblical man-made tradition which modifies the word of God. And God clearly forbid anyone from modifying (adding to or subtracting from) His word.

@FreeIndeed, thanks for replying. I was a bit hesitant at first about posting this topic on this network. I've gotten so much ridicule from black pastors that you almost expect it to come. But, your post, was encouraging. Thanks.

Be encouraged.

I too have received ridicule and disparaging comments from black religious leaders and their mistaught followers. It's par for the course whenever you're refuting false traditions and demolishing sacred cows in churchland.

I actually have a Facebook community page called "The Tithing Laws and New Covenant Giving." I just shared a post from your Facebook page about tithing.


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