Well I guess we have all heard the news circulating all over the internet and local TV news station regarding Bishop Eddie Long and the accusations made by two young men he befriended.


I know we will say just leave it alone and pray for him/them however let's keep it real people are going to talk, speculate and what ever else people do.  For those of you that say I don't wont any part of saying anything about it, well are you actually being honest.  This is a major concern for not only Bishop Long and his local Church but for the church community in general or as a whole even their families (both sides).  They have already began to put us all down and Christians.  I care enough to hold onto God more and more.  It still does not excuse trying to sweep anything under the rug.  I pray that he is found blameless and can move on with his life and Pastoral duties as well as the two young men. 


Have you heard the saying: "once a drunk always a drunk".  I hate that saying because no matter what you do or where you go that little negative thing(s) always presents itself into our future.  For me I promise in Jesus name I will try not to talk about it but sometimes talking is not a bad thing but it's when you can't let it go and it goes on-and-on-and-on.  I pray it over quickly!!


BPN let's network and pray for intervention and the truth to be reveal.  No one wants to see a man or woman of God in this way.

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We must acknowledge the days/times we're living in. The warfare on the saints is increasing. We must be spiritual and not carnal in our thinking when it comes to assessing, judging or evaluating the issues that come before. We can't be quick to judge and draw conclusions especially from the media. We must be discerning and seek God concerning the matter. There are so so so many factors and people to consider with regard to pastoring a mega ministry and a "corporation" many of which, as outsiders, we aren't privy too.

Sex and ministry has always been and continues to be a hair raiser. But what is more important is that we hear from God. There are many lives at stake. We want to subvert the enemy's strategy against the work of God not align with him through speculation, gossip, slander and wrong judgment. God Knows every minute detail of this case and if we leave it in his hands he will for certain select the right servants who are fully equipped with spiritual acumen who are mature enough to cover what needs to be covered and reveal what needs to be revealed and protect what needs protecting which are the sheep. For ultimately they are the target which includes the young men!!!!
Yes maam, Micha RaSun-Vann, I agree. The attack of the enemy is real and there is no time to think he's just going to let us be saved. That's why it imperative we remain faithful and of course if the demon can bring down the head he feels the body is to follow. If this attack had been on (for lack of better words) a smaller church nothing (probably) would have been said however, with such a powerful ministry the demons are coming against Bishop and I am praying for ALL. BPN let's band together, fasting, praying and thanking God for victory. I know the families and the church of all are taken aback from this, honestly as was I.

I live in a small town (been here over a year) and I preach the Word of God and the people here are enjoying tearing this man of God down. They have convicted and crucified him. I yet hold him, his family and all concern up before God and yes asking them to pray and not judge.

Thank you for such a honest reply, very needful! Continued Blessings!!


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