Where or what is the place of safety during the Great Tribulation? All of the prophesy is beginning to line up for the tribulation to begin to come into the near future. We have Rome in the beginning stages of re-emerging as a political world power. They now have a full time President. The Israelis are poised to build the 3rd temple, and Russia, China, India, Iran, Libya and the nations of the East are arming themselves. The nations of the West are also arming themselves. The European Union, United States, Israel, and the nations of the West are all where they are suppose ti be for the 3rd world war to jump off. There just has to be a few more things to come to pass. Wit all that said we need to start to talk about what we are going to do. The Bible says go to the wilderness of Sinai, by ship or land to the wilderness as the children of Israel of old were gathered unto the wilderness out of the way of the Egyptians, so shall the reminant of the household of Israel be gathered into the wilderness during the great tribulation. There are others who say that we will be raptured off to Heaven during the Great Tribulation, and that the tribulation is 7 years, but the Bibles says 3 1/2 years. We need some of this info cleared up so we know exactly where to fgo and what to do when the tribulation hits.

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I kinda figured nobody would want to touch this subject. Men or Knowledge!! Help shine some light on this subject with the scriptures from the Word of God that deals with this issue.
"...Wit all that said we need to start to talk about what we are going to do. The Bible says go to the wilderness of Sinai,..."

You need to have bought your airline ticket by now Hezekiah or close to being able to buy it because soon you wont be able to purchase one way tickets to anywhere unless you have the mark of the beast or the number of his name.

How many members of your congregation have moved over the middleeast already?
We don't go anywhere until the Abomination of Desolation sit in a Holy Place.
O thats when you get your marching papers - so to speak...

Do you guys have any contact with saints living near the Sinai Desert now? (and thats a serious question)
Are you guys in contact with saints anywhere in the middle east?
Why not? - Like Joseph - dont you seek your brethren?
Or are the Black Hebrew Israelits only in America?
Read Jeremiah 23: 2-8
be ware of false prohets those whom claim to know the coming of Deus but dont even know their native tongue---never has there been a slave prophet...


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