In Genesis 1:27,''God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. Do you believe from the( Bible) that there is a Man within a woman? please let all answer came from the Bible........B'cus, from the Bible we will find the truth.

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The only time a man will be within a woman is when she is pregnant with a boy that will one day grow to be a man.
I think it is the other way round, the woman was within a man (Eve came from Adam)

Initially, that was true.
Amen James, we reading off the same hymn sheet. As is your comment, about a pregnancy. Even in reproduction the Y chromosome is only carried by the male gamete.

You are right, but wrong....In the Bible, when God speaks to humanity, He uses the term MAN. He doesn't address the male or female, unless He's talking to individuals. Instead, He talks to the man within them both. He addresses the Spirit man. Man is a spirit. God took this Spirit - Man, and He placed him in two physical forms; male or female. the spirit man is neither male nor female. However,to fulfill His ethenal purpose, God used two physical forms, called Male and female, to express the one entity of man. Therefore, the essence of both male and female is the resident spirit within them, called'' man.'' now you know, there's man within the woman... the spirit man within a woman. be blessed to all nation.
Thank you prophet Dollar,
IMHO, I believe that as Adam eat of the fruit from the tree of knowledge Adam died, his physical body took nearly 1000 years to die, but his spirit died immediately.

In the Hebrew after the fall, man is referred as Nephesh, as are animals and corpses, this is soul and body, no spirit. It took the work of Jesus on the Cross, our flesh died with Christ, and we become a new creation, our spirit was resurrected. However, I do agree with your comments about the NT and God speaking to the spirit, but only of regenerated Christians. .


Adam's spirit did not die, because he stilled lived 800+ years after he was kicked out of Eden. The spirit is simply the living breath of YAH. Man is referred to as Nephesh, which means the whole of the man.. the soul. the soul is the combination of body + spirit.
No, sorry I don't agree. Ru'ach is spirit. Pnuema is koine greek, it is wind. Nephesh is body and soul only, or body only. Animals do not have spirits. Cavaders do not have souls or spirits but is only a body.

Ru'ach is spirit, and Pnuema also carries the meaning of spirit.. depending on the context. Nephesh is the whole of the man, and not the separate parts of the man. Animals do have spirits, because a spirit is the breath of life that comes from YAH.

Your reasoning is flawed. Animals have the breath of life but no spirit. Anyhow, would love to chat but my friends have just flown in the Trindad, I haven't seen them for 3 months, so gotta go. Ciao

There is no separate word for spirit in Hebrew and Greek. Pho'nae(sounding it out), is the Greek word for both wind & sound.

This is not a word for Spirit. Pneuma is the main word for spirit. Psuche means soul... the whole of a man, and it also carries the meaning of a person's life.

Animals have a spirit because a spirit is simply breath. It is the breath of life. YAH blew the Ruach in both Man and beast so that we can be "living souls."

I'd love for you to show me how my reasoning is flawed, because I have basically given you sound reasoning, but I am open for correction within the boundaries of reasoning.



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