Over the past few weeks I've been a teaching series on the Kingdom of god,. And while I have not finished teaching on that series, there have been so many other tings that need to be taught, addressed and shared with the people of god. As believers, whether or leader or not, we all have a part to play in edifying the body of Christ. Ephesians 4:15-16 reads "But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into Him in all things, which is the head, even Christ. From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplies, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, makes increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love." What supply are you bringing to the body of Christ if you are are supposed to according to these verses? And if you don't do your part, that means that the body will be lacking and weak in some part or area. I have made several invitations over the past few months to encourage members to share on this site with the body of Christ here.  And only about 2 or 3 people over the past ten months have made contributions to share or minister here. Every opportunity that you get to share the love, gospel, life and hope to others is a privilege that has been granted us because of God's saving grace that saved us, kept us, and brought us to this point in our life. Doing this ministry for Glodbal Dominion International Alliances is not for me but it is for you, God's people that He loves and, cares about and is concerned about. And I am privileged that He has given me something to share that can touch, change, and transform your life. I am privileged that I have something to share that can help you be a better man or woman and a better God-person. I am privileged that I have somethng to share that can help God's people be all that He wants them to be and help them gain access and obtain all that is rightfully theirs. I'm greatful that He has given a measure of supply, and that measure of supply I must supply as a working joint



One thing for sure the church and body of Christ as a whole in America (and maybe in other parts of the world, I don't know because I lived in America all my life and have traveled several times to Canada, so maybe other countries may have a bounty of churches and ministries too?) is not lacking in the word of God, teaching, scriptures, etc.  In additional to the thousands of churches and ministries in America, there are the thousands of conferences, seminars, workshops, special events, outreach ministries, etc. that are held every year for leaders, the church people and the unsaved as well. But in reference to the saints, believers, Christians and the church world, we are inundated with preaching and teaching of the word of God in numerous forms. If we don't get it at church or some other type of assembly, we can listen to it on the radio and watch it on the television, watch it and read about it on the internet, listen to tapes, CDs or videos or get it from books, Christian magazines, newspapers, etc. We can now have access to it from different applications on our cell phones or smart phones. But with this great flood of the gospel or word of God that is continually coming our way, why is the church and it's people living such defeated lives? Why are the believers and preachers of the gospel and of God's wealth and prosperity, living in poverty, lack or struggling with money for their personal needs or ministry? Why are many sick or sickly, diseased or afflicted with all kinds of sickness, infirmities and diseases? While the answers would vary for many reasons for many people by many people, you better know Beloved what the word of God says about all of these things. I'm sure that all of you if not most of you who have been in the church or on this site for any amount of time, have been introduced to the word of God, teaching, preaching, testimonies or scriptures about God's power, healing, deliverance, salvation, abundance, wealth, lack and poverty, miracles, love, faith, and hope and much much more. And yet the great problem that remains is that God's people fall short in so many areas, and they are not partakers of their spiritual or earthly inheritance.



As God's people, you need to examine and find out why the word of God is not working and being demonstrated in your life and through your life. The word and power of God is supposed to be manfested and demonstrated in and through our lives by more than a few prayers being answered here or there or every now and then, God healing us of a headache or toothache,  some body dropping off some food  to us or giving us some money for a need that we had. You mean to tell me that this is all that this great,  big, awesome, marvelous, holy, powerful, omniscient, omnipotent God that we talk, preach and teach about  and His great word and power is limited to or can do???? For one person it may be their unbelief, for another it may be their disobedience that is hindering and keeping the word of God and God from moving, being manifested and demonstrated in his/her life.  Maybe some are just content with God just answering a little prayer about getting a job, getting up on time to get to that job; a car and getting gas money to put in the car to get to church or to work; or moving into a nice home or area . And while these things will help or bless and minister to you, how will just these things supply to the body of Christ, the church or God's kingdom? How will they affect and change the lives of others?  Time is long overdue that many of you need to find out why God's word is not working and being demonstrated in and through your life as it is written. There is a greater measure and greater fullnesss of God, His Son Jesus, His Holy Spirit and His word that He wants us to know, live by and experience.



Over the past several months I've been in a place with God where He has been re-teaching me on some things concerning Him and His word, as He has been un-teaching me things that I have learned in churches or have been taught by pastors, church leaders, etc. And as Father-God opened my eyes and let me see how many teach and preach the word of God out of biblical context, you have many people teaching and preaching the word because it's what they were taught, and it sounds religious, spiritual, nice or something. However it is not spiritual and is erroneous. Just because something sounds religious or spiritual, it does not necessarily mean that it is the gospel truth, according to the word of God. I'm sure you have heard much preaching many cliches' or songs used in the church that are not biblically sound. Take a look at these: There's a songs that says “I'm going up the rough side of the mountain...” Well Jesus didn't tell us to struggle trying to go up a mountain. He said that if you would speak to a mountain and tell it to be cast into the sea that it would be. (Mark 11:23). There's another song they sang in church and when they start singing this sound my mouth is shut, zipped, this is the song: “There's a storm out over the ocean and it looks like it's coming my way...” Well if I see a storm coming my way I'm gonna rebuke it, pray against it or speak to it to go another way. How about this crazy song “Lord I don't need a mansion, just give me a little house by the railroad tracks.” Huh?????? No Jesus said that in the Father's house was many mansions and He was going to prepare one for me (John 14:2-3) with a king size bed, a beautiful view beautiful weather all year round, and I wasn't going to have to worry about shoveling snow, heating and utility bills or a ground keeper to keep up the lawn and the grounds.


I've sat under pastors that preached about their people giving to their church and making sacrifices. They even bring in so-called prophets who come in and abuse the prophetic gifts to get the people to take an envelope, and promise that they are gonna get a release, healing, a great blessing or something. And while nothing is not wrong at all about giving, making sacrifices, etc. if the only way you are going to get a miracle, get healed, be blessed or see the promises of God come to pass in your life is through taking an envelope, or sowing a special seed of a certain amount, that person along with the devil is a liar. I will address this topic all by itself in another blog on giving in the near future.  As covenant people of God and as His children, God will bless us, heal us and give us a miracle just like He and Jesus did in the bible, based on their love, mercy or compassion for us, and because of our faith. Just go back and study the word of God about every body that got a miracle, got healed, needed money or something and see for your self. Let me move on from here.



Too many people in the church look up to and look to their leaders as a god and they don't really realize it. They don't take out the time to pray and study the word, because it is so much easier just to go to church on Sunday or when ever they go, or just watch it on TV or listen to it on the radio or from a CD or some other type of media. And pastors an leaders will play on the ignorance of the people, and use twisted scriptures to get their own message across and serve their own personal agenda. And not only are church people ignorant, many pastors and leaders are ignorant as well as they pay great homage to their pastors, bishops, overseers, etc. It's OK to respect and honor your leaders because we've been told to honor them and obey them, but God would not have you to set him or her up so high that you be under their feet for their selfish motives or reasons, mind control, manipulation, etc. No pastor or leader has any right and is out of God and God's word when they try to make you feel ashamed, guilty or burdened, obligated about anything.



Not let me see if I said enough to make my point. Find out, seek out, search out, investigate your self and the word of God to see why you are not living according to, up to and by the word of God that you are flooded with. Are you living in sin or disobedience in any kind of way? Are you fearful, doubt God and His word? Do you have no faith for you, your life or situations in your life and feel things are hopeless?

Have you waited so long for change and you just gave up? Have you've been taught or been instructed wrongly and need to find out what God is really saying or have said concerning you and your situations? Are you look to other people or things for love,to meet you needs, etc? The days are short beloved for all of us. And I'm sure it grieves Father-God to see His children struggling, ailing, hurting, etc, for the things that He has already given us through His Son Jesus Christ and His plan of salvation for all mankind.



I implore you, beg you, and beseech you people of God, please take out the time for your life to find out what's going on in your life, why things or situations are the way that they are. I am convinced that we don't need another lesson or scripture right now but we need to understand and get a revelation, make use, believe, exercise and apply all the word of God that we already know to be, do, live and partake of both our spiritual and earthly inheritance. Your heavenly Father doesn't want you to settle for any things less than what you deserves as His son or daughter and anything less than what He has made available and accessible to you through grace, His Son Jesus Christ (John 10:10) and His covenant with you. God wants you to know that He is not the blame, He is not the culprit and He is not the reason that you or your life does not reflect the word and promises of God.


(To be continued.)


Dr. Melody Barclay



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