Thoughts on these lost books of the bible that are being sold.



Is this biblical. For me it is a very cautoius topic. I thought we were not to add anything to the word nor take anything away, I thought the Bible was put together as it should have and was intended for 66 books and nothing else. Is this wrong? I know there is soooooo much that we dont know but this is a touchy topic. Any thoughts.

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I agree with you on the thought for those that are babes to get rooted first before reading other things to become aware of what is out there. Thanks for the other thoughts.

Old Post, but not an old topic, but new to those who don't know about the Apocrypha. I have a group on FB called Apocrypha Readers. Also I wrote a book called "Lets take a Look...The King James Bible. I'm offering the ebook version for free for a limited time. The book is available on Also I wrote a chapter by chapter analysis, Brief History of King James, Hebrew to English word translations, rebuttals etc.. for better understanding. I enjoyed reading the Apocrypha, but some of my peers are reluctant, because it's, according to them, not to be read if it was taken out. So it continues...

Well being that the 14 books were taken out of the 1611 kj Bible, which is still available, in 1885, there was a reason why and no one can give an answer why, but instead says it's uninspiring. From the 66 books to the rest of them, it still states historical facts and Prophets, parts of Daniel and Esther and the knowing that all the nations hated God's chosen, Israel, and the same is today. Mind u, those Jews in Israel are sucking the life out of America and are crooks, impostors and not at all Hebrew. The Holy Ghost told me that also. I haven't had an interest in reading anything else until the Holy Ghost told me to read the Apocrypha and break it down. Many reasons why others don't understand it is because they are not spirit lead and takes it as scripture that's not necessary. If they loved ecclesiastes in the kjv which contains only 11 chapters, they would love to read the rest of the 51 and I agree that this isn't for new babes.


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