Why is it that we can find money to go to the malls, and we can find money to buy a new outfit but for some reason we can't find money to pay our tithes. Is it because we put all these other things before God not knowingly  or is it that we have made these things our God?

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Most people don't believe the lies that are taught in Sunday Church... I would not give my money either...
First of the bible says to pay tithes and offering and if the Preacher is Preaching something other than the word of God your stilll to pay your tithes God will deal with him
That is not true..... The tithe payer should know if the church he is in is a fake or not... I am saying that the people who would learn the truth can see through the lies of Sunday church, therefore, that causes people not to trust to pay..
It still doesn't matter because your blessings don't come from the people or the Pastor but from God. When you step out of the will of God then you step away from your blessings, healing, and deliverance so yes its important that we do pay our tithes. You have the right to question where your tithes are going.
How and why would the Lord bless you for following after other Gods? If you are attending Sunday church, you are following after other Gods... You are worshiping the sun god... Look it up..

The 7th Day is the Sabbath.. Tithes should be paid to a church that follows The true and living god,,
Once again my brutha do you go to church to serve the Pastor, the people or do you go to church to serve God? You can't worry about what other peiople are doing becuase they'll cause you to lose out on what God has for you. So inspite you still pay your tithes. Your seeking God for whatever it is that you need so stop worrying about the leaders because they will have to answer to God. Just like I preached about last night : " You can't fake it to make It"
Serving God is keeping his commandments.. One of his commandments were to have a holy convocation on the 7th day, so if you are paying tithes on the 7th day it is all in vain...
I meant to say if you are paying tithes on the 1st day or Sunday, then it is in vain, but the 7th day paying of tithes is for the kingdom of God.. The creator of this site has made it, so that you can not delete your posts, and I know that it is because I bring up past discussions..
I can't imagine many folks buying an outfit that costs 10% of their paycheck, though. I don't think believers usually fail to tithe for such petty reasons. What we really need to address is how unhealthy the personal economics of some Christian households is that they genuinely cannot afford to part with a tenth of their increase without running in the red. Overall, our understanding of God's counsel about money, employment and financial stewardship is poor to non-existent.

We should tithe. But you should not tithe to people places of worship that you know are not aligned with scripture. Keep in mind the tithe was for your family to give to Levites, fatherless, widows and the poor. The levite took care of the temple and they had no inheritance (land) to produce wealth so they needed the tithe to sustain themselves. Laders of churches today are not levites and have not taken over that role. However church leaders today do care for the spiritual well being of the congregation. Therefore, giving the tithe to the leaders, if it is in your heart, is not wrong. However the tithe truly is to be given to whomever the family chooses of which a portion is to remain with the family.

But know this: Everything you get , got or will get is from Father YAH. So give him your 10 percent first for the 90 percent that you keep was his already before he gave it to you.

The benefit of your family first (like a savings account), then every three years to the levite, widow, fatherless, stranger (poor).

This is scripture Deut 24.

It is first for YOUR FAMILY every year.

Tithes and offerings are for the edifying of the body of Christ and the up keep of the temple and for the widow's. These things can't be fulfilled if the body of christ aren't paying tithes and secondly aren't paying them correctly.


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