The false teaching is that Jesus taught tithing in Matthew 23:23 which, they say, is clearly in the New Testament.
The problem here is the arbitrary division of our Bible. The New Covenant did not begin at the birth of Jesus, but at his death. Tithing is not taught to the church after Calvary! When Jesus discussed tithing in Matthew 23:23, he was only commanding obedience to the Old Covenant Law which he endorsed and supported until Calvary. In Matthew 23:2, 3 Jesus told his followers to obey the scribes and Pharisees "because they sit in Moses’ seat." There is not a single New Testament Bible text which teaches tithing after Calvary – period!

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Tithing has nothing to do with the death of Yahushua. It has everything to do with the Levite Priesthood and the temple. There's no temple, or any Levite Priests, so therefore tithing is impossible.
Hi,I was wondering what your point for making this statement is, if it is to say that there is no need for tithing, out of respect for you guys I would ask you to consider this verse Mark 12:17...and this one Malachi 3:8-12

It is no need to tithe because there's no temple, or Priesthood to tithe to.
Okay I really suggest you read those verses...also consider this did Jesus say stop tithing?...if not why change what you do not understand?, why not tithe who told you that you do not have to did God say that?...why read the Bible if you are going to pick and choose what is relevant, how is God leading your life if you are picking what to follow?

Go back to the law, and you will see what and who tithing was for. Numbers 19:24,"because I have given the tithes of the sons of Israel, which they set apart as an advanced deduction, to the Levites as an allotment." Also see verse 26. This tithe was given to the Priest. It is not really the point of whether or not Yahushua said stop or continue.. its just that there is no Priesthood and temple to tithe to.

john 1:12 because of this we have all the rights they have, God is not a respector of persons, Acts 10:34-35...have you read the verse Mark 12:17 what else could he possibly mean by give to God what belongs to Him then?...look they were the ones following God at the time of course it applied to them back then,it is still relevant now...listen read the verses, Jesus is our High Priest the Bible says so thanks for making my point hun Hebrews 5:5-10.

Unless you see that tithing was ONLY given to the Priesthood, and that there are no Priests to tithe, then you will continue to believe. Go back to the actual word of Yah when speaking of the tithe... the scriptures I gave you. I read Mark 12:17... about giving to Yah and caeser. Guess what? The temple stood in Messiah's time, and there were Priests. Now, there are none, so no need to tithe. Messiah is our high Priest, but you fail to see that He is different than Levite Priests.. Read that one ;)... Hebrews 7-10.
Hah Hah, Bro Pierce,
Go ahead and tithe - it does the 'BODY' good :-)
okay James..if you have read Hebrew 5:5-10..and all the other verses then you would see my point,yes well we have the preachers, and prophets and etc..and I do not see anything that states God doesn't believe it is necessary to tithe any longer....though I see I can not make you change your mind so I will not argue with you.... you can go do what you are doing and believe what is right, and I will follow the Bible that I know as I see tithing has blessed me and continues to do so Malachi 3:8-12....God Bless you hun.
Bro Watson,

I tithe and yet I dont believe that tithing is taught for the NT Church.
I do believe that it seems a good minimum to give or a good base line - some where to start.

I believe that we are to take care of the 'Body' of Christ the way natural Israel took care of the Levites.
The Body of believers are now the 'priesthood'.
You aint lyin, Bro Watson!


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