The false teaching is that Jesus taught tithing in Matthew 23:23 which, they say, is clearly in the New Testament.
The problem here is the arbitrary division of our Bible. The New Covenant did not begin at the birth of Jesus, but at his death. Tithing is not taught to the church after Calvary! When Jesus discussed tithing in Matthew 23:23, he was only commanding obedience to the Old Covenant Law which he endorsed and supported until Calvary. In Matthew 23:2, 3 Jesus told his followers to obey the scribes and Pharisees "because they sit in Moses’ seat." There is not a single New Testament Bible text which teaches tithing after Calvary – period!

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Now we can deal with the Old Testament. When it comes to those tithes, yes we will deal on the OT. lol. Tithes are apart of what you consider the old covenant, so why didn't Jesus nail that to the cross?
The post was about tithing in the new testament after Christ Jesus rose from the dead
The bottom line for me is that the church (The Body of Christ) is NOT taking care of the poor as it should, and TOO often Pastors are fleecing the flock of God, everything Jesus did was geared toward helping the poor and downtrodden, what did he tell the rich young ruler...."Sell everything you have and give it to WHO? THE POOR! He didn't say take it to THE TEMPLE"
Hi... I hear what you are saying and I agree about us gving to God to show our appreciation, I am trying to say that if you know what is best then you will tithe because God does deserve the best of our everything thats all,going back to the verse where He stated that there should be no other gods before Him...some people say you are not required to tithe, well if you want to be blessed as the Bible says, then I suggest you go with what the Bible says and tithe.. it does not just include money, but also time and whatever else you value God wants to be number one right Proverbs 3:9-10?

Honestly, tithing has nothing whatsoever to do with money, but everything to do with agricultural produce of the land. The people of Israel was not giving money to the Priests, rather, they were giving produce to them.

What are you talking about I said the things you value such as time and money, God wants to be the first in every part of our lives its, not just about giving money thats just an honor thing its like saying okay God I want to thank you and honor by giving you this because you gave me that...that is pleasing to God, so when you give Him something He gives you more then what you gave Him because we cannot outgive God, so our giving is not in vain then is it or do you still believe we do not have to tithe I am not forxing anyone to tithe I am just stating what I have read in the Bible. and yes it is part of it...I dont think you understand the point of tithing right now so I suggest you get some research done first no offence, as I said before I am not arguing with you cause we are not going anywhere right now, you dont want to accept anyone elses point of view even though they are right except your own.. you do not exactly read my posts properly you seem to skid through,overlook and ignore what my point is.

I no you mean no offense, and there is none taken. Mark himself has moved me to do research concerning tithing, and his information is correct. Tithing, BIBLICALLY, has NOTHING to do with money, rather, it has everything to do with agriculture. Read Mark's blogs on tithing.

you are missing my point as I said before tithing includes the things you value and as I have posted before money is part of it Malachi 3:8-12 I never said everything about tithing being based on money....thoguh yes I believe that you will be blessed more if you honor God by giving so I am saying it is important(not only to be blessed in the process, because that is not the right way of thinking...the right way is because you love God,its in the Bible and you want to show HIm honor and thanks(appreciation) for giving you what you have be it time or money or etc..).

Money has nothing to do with tithing. Read Malachi 3:8-12 again. Look at verse 10,"Bring the full tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house." Do you see that, Pepper? So that it may be what in the house? Where does it mention money?

What is your point?help me understand where you are coming from then because all you keep saying is that the tithes have nothing to do with money and that we do not have to tithe(I still say its part of it not the only thing involved in tithes)....what is the food though then are they not the offerings and tithes? do you not see that when God says something it has meaning to it, things may not always be what you think it is..example John 2:19-22 Jesus was talking about His body and yet people thought He was talking about their temple that they point about the money the reason why some people give that is because we place a value on it(I said that God requires us to give,to tithe I dont know why you keep trying to make money the subject?), I never said anything else should not be included,that is why I said money, time or whatever you value is considered a offering that you put in the storehouse which is the church right?..doesn't that mean we are to tithe and give offerings then?because it is not unto men but unto God because everything is His including the church and the money and whatever we receive so giving(tithe and offerings) is important?.

The scripture is not a modern book, and so you cannot assume that the "Church" is the storehouse. Thats eisegesis(forcing meaning into scripture). The storehouse, as Malachi understood it, was the TEMPLE. There is NO temple today, so why tithe? I must admit, its ok to give money or food to Churches, but when it becomes a sin if one does not do it... that is where the problem comes. Thats called taking advantage of the people.

Pepper, first thing's first. We must understand what BIBLICAL tithing is. Do not twist what tithing really is for your own understanding, or what you want it to me. Stick with the BIBLICAL meaning, then explain your position from a biblical standpoint. First, in order to understand tithing, you must see who was to receive the tithe, and what IS a tithe. If you really do not know, then do not assume.
Shalom My Sister!

(Jesus) IS the Old Covenant Law. John 1 says that He is The Word and that He was Manifested in the Flesh. He did not break the Law of Yahweh (God) healing on the Sabbath He broke the the Pharisitical law...this is what Yahshuah fought against. I don't understand this statement:

"Not obedience to laws but obedience to the will of God"

They are both the same, Yahweh's Laws are His Will.

Shalom and Blessings!


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