It grieves me deeply to see so many of our great men and women of God fall victim to the ever increasing popularity of "Titles."  It started with Reverend, then Doctor, then Bishop, Elder, and now we have Prophets and Prophetess in the mix.


I would like to deal with last title because it is somewhat new regarding the mainstream church.  The bible that I read clearly explains the role, and responsibility of the prophet of God, and to some degree prophets of the enemy.  Today I see individuals with this title leading a very charmed life compared to some of their Old Testament & New Testament predecessors.


I like it when they stride towards the altar in the church with some new word for someone's life or new prophetic unction, when frankly the individual they are speaking to has not even attempted to embrace the bibles clear directives.  How is it that these prophets are so clean, and well groomed, and lacking any visible scares from the enemy, or from their adherence to God's commands, ala Jeremiah, Jonah, Amos, or Elisha?  How is it that the only time you hear many of them speak is when they are surrounded by on-lookers and needful individuals, more interested in the show and not the substance?


Did God set a precedent with John the Baptist, and the Apostle John that all the great prophets to follow them would have a "flower bed of ease?"  As there not a price to pay for carrying the message in such a direct fashion?  None have lain on their side, eaten scrolls, been beaten, battered, or stoned, but they speak as if the message they give was delivered to them, like yesterday's mail.


I have found that the best titles are given to you by others whom you effect or direct, not by ourselves because we want people to know WHO WE ARE.  My main concern is the God I represent not the Title that I prefer.  Be what God called you to be, not what you want to be called.  Let your, love, your actions, devotion, and prayer life, be you introduction to all people, not your TITLE.  To God be the glory only and always


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Thank you.


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