Tonight we will discuss the recent crowning of a king in the Body of Christ. Is this acceptable or is it a blasphemous act? Watching the video, you hear and see things that vex the spirit of a Christian, because there is no king, but God. Listen carefully to the introduction of the said king.

Eddie Long Crowned King

"This is God's government. This is a scroll thats 312 yrs old. These are only given to cities that need to be released in to a new anointing. I have dual-citizenship in Isreal. On behalf of the "jewish" people, the land of Isreal, and the GOD of Isreal I want to make a presentation. Praise God. Amen... (calls Long forth) He is a king. GOD has blessed him. He's a humble man. But, in him is kingship. In him is royalty. In him was the land of Isreal...raised up in a city and GOD now wants to anoint him. (Long is wrapped in the Torah scroll) He's wrapped in the word of GOD. He's sealed by the Blood of the MESSIAH. He is sealed to come out with a new anointing. The kingship was in him; the power was in him. Its gonna come on. He is hidden in the word of GOD. Sitting between 2 courtrooms. Justice and Blessing. This will either arouse the realm of "death" in you or it will arouse the realm of life." - Rabbi Messer


Of course there is much more said than the quote above. My reason and point of this discussion is to address the error in this. I've seen or heard tell of such behavior, ever. There is an anti-christ spirit being released into the Church Body. When will the people of God take a stand? Martin Luther King was penned as saying, "If you dont stand for something, you'll fall for anything." This is still true. Too manyare being quiet, planking behind "judgement". This is not judging. This is a great wrong being committed in the Body of Christ. To say nothing is to silently agree with it.


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