Today I saw something that disturbed me. I spent much of the morning at the Library with a friend of mine and her daughter showed up while we were there and together we watched a video of Dr. Cindy trimm. Anyone who nows me know how much I admire her ministry. What I saw today made a bit skeptic about her, somewhat.  I was shown this video with her flashing a sign that is called the Bophet sign of people involved in satanic worship. This woman who was tearing down Dr. Trimm rep continuousy interrupetd the video calling herself explaining everything Dr. Trimm was doing. I didn't hear Dr. Trimm say anything demonic, I only saw the satanic symbol she seemed to be flashing. I don't pay any attention to such things usually but this woman was constantly pointing those things out and bashing Dr. Trimm's ministry and even attacked the woman's testimony. I find that people look for something bad to discredit the people of God. I know satan is the acuser of the bethren and the last thing I want to do is call what is holy unholy. I made the statement, in the event that she i caught up in the illuminati's I'd rather pray for her soul that God does not allow her to be lost than to condemn her. I like her ministry and I never heard her say anything that was not biblicaly based,  but I did question the symbols she was using. I will no dwell on this. I am not accusing her of anything. I have only questions. I know there are false prophets in the world. They are even claiming Benny Hinn, T.D. Jakes, Paula White, and countless others are of the illuminati. I also, saw a television documentary about the founders of NASA being of the illuminatis It is said "These men believed they were born or created y alien beings and thus started NASA to find their ancestry. This was on the history channel. I ask you my friends, do any of you know about Dr. Trimm being of the illuminatis?

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