There are too many rebels in God's churches. We as leaders must root them out, so the other members/disciples can be strong and grow. Rebel is witch-craft according to Samuel, chapter 15. Heretics, Jezebels and unholy living must not remain in the churches. God will clean out the whole church, if leaders continue to allow people to live any kind of way..

Bring order, correction and discipline to all members who refuse to obey the Holy Bible, Church By-Laws and Governmental Laws. Rebels must not control the churches nor bring influences upon new members affecting their spiritual walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Do right , because you can not hide from God! God require leaders to be holy and perfect according to scriptures. Clean up the church before God remove you as the leader from the church! It is Spring Cleaning Time. A-men.

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You think these pimps are going to let go of all this good money they have coming in every Sunday?!


That is NOT happening!!!

Some of them have no choice. God is about to close them down. God is sending His Righteous Indignation against many false teachers, preachers and prophets. Strong apostles are on their way to command order. A-men


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