"TQ" (Trivia Question) "Who was God talking about in Romans 8:29-30?"


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This is partly true, and we are continuously being conformed to the image of Christ. But in general...... I believe in Romans chapters 8-10 Paul is addressing a particular people, and is admonishing them on a particular topic. I believe Romans 10:1-2 and 11:1-2 are key verses that reveal his heart in these portions of Romans. The whole doctrine of election has been built on Romans 8:29-30 and Romans 9. But I see a particular message in this and I want to see if anyone else sees it.

Yes sir, I believe what the Calvinists have used to support their doctrine of election of "persons" is actually the election of Israel.  

No that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying the Calvinists have falsely used Romans 8:29-30 and the story of Jacob and Esau in Romans 9 to support their doctrine of election. I just finished studying the rest of the book of Romans. In Romans chapters 8-11, Paul is revealing God's purpose of election in electing Israel as a nation. And how he elected the patriarchs/progenitors to do so. This purpose of election has nothing to do with electing some to salvation while passing over others/reprobation as the Calvinists teach. They use the hardening of Pharoahs heart and other texts to support reprobation. And the concept of making vessels of honor and dishonor. This concept was used in the OT for a purpose that isn't needed in the NT. You misunderstood me brother! lol......

There are two kinds of people in the body of Christ.  Those who walk the broad and wide way, and those who are in the straight and narrow.

I believe this passage was geared towards those who's walking the straight and narrow way.  Those who are willing to strip off everything which is not like Christ and be conformed into the image of God.


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